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(REPRINT) The Mask of Doctor Satan, Guest Starring Harry Houdini, Part ONE, Free PDF

One year later, and this is still the most popular feature on my site. I did this one feverish month in Autumn, 2014, in a tailspin of inspriation. Dr. Satan is a Paul Ernst concoction, now in the public domain. I stuck to the spirit of Ernst’s creatioin, but when in a much more “thrill packed” direction. Enjoy. Just 14 pages. Comments and Likes would inspire me to continue the tale. Guest starring Harry Houdini. Click on Link for Free PDF. All text with a few illustrations. 


 DoctorSatan02 DoctorSatanROBOT01 LIBRARYCAST01

(NEW) OBERON DESTROYERS: TAKEDOWN: PART FIVE featuring the Quiet Ninja (8 pages in color)

Finally! My pens ran out this month, and I wasn’t able to get adequate replacements (art supplies industry is not helpful) So, I went with some computer fixes, adjusting my raw analog master pages with a few easy tricks – adjust brightness/contrast, adjust color balance, and a little bit of paint bucket for deeper blacks when my pens ran too dry to saturate well. Also, a few fun backgrounds for enemy HQ, just like last chapter. Usually, I just like to draw and post, and not mess around with a lot of computer fixes.

This installment is the one that dooms my G rating. This time it’s (V) for violence, but my Ninja is more than anything else a badass action hero. So what can you do? Pretty tame compared to what most teens see in their media…..
Enjoy!! Cheers, -B.
For previous chapters in the story, please see Free Webcomics.

TAKEDOWN_part5_page1_FNL1 TAKEDOWN_part5_page2_FNL1 TAKEDOWN_part5_page3_FNL1 TAKEDOWN_part5_page4_FNL1 TAKEDOWN_part5_page5_FNL1 TAKEDOWN_part5_page6_FNL1 TAKEDOWN_part5_page7_FNL1 TAKEDOWN_part5_page8_FNL1

(NEW) Doctor Satan and the Terror Train (Part One/14 pages)

Part One – 14 Pages, Free PDF. Get it Here.

Finally – part one of The Mask of Doctor Satan, Part One: Terror Train. Most of this was finished in rough form several weeks ago, but health and work issues kept me crawling on the floor towards the typewriter.  I never let a first draft out the door. 4th and 5th, maybe. This writer of true crime even had a true crime story occur right here in this house, to my great surprise, still unfolding. “It’s all just fun and games, until somebody gets charged with a felony.”

Funny the people you meet in St. Johns… I’m OK but somebody is looking at bad news in a courtroom. Me? I feel sadness and dissapointment, and great surprise. Who knew he was a dumb thief? I didn’t.  Watching self destructive young men self destruct is like watching a car go over a cliff in slow motion. It’s horrible. And too much sudden stress for me. and sudden sadness. I’m not too worried because as his landlord I can do an Unconditional Quit Notice, five days notice. Sad, y’know?

Enjoy! Go to FREE PDFS for the 14 page beginning of the story. I hope to come out with the next installment in two weeks. 15 pages are already written, but I like to edit without mercy, and my chapters are very carefully plotted. The story is written but most of the dialog that comes next is not.

Here’s hoping September is less of a rough slog than August.




Microsoft Word - DRSATANp1trainterrorFNL.docx

The Mask of Doctor Satan (Short Story Illustrations)

The five leads of the Mask of Doctor Satan. Total story length in text – 50 pages. Released in three parts, with cliffhangers.  The first part will be soon. Very soon… I have finished the first twenty pages, which not needs final checks and edits. I am very methodical. I have an excellent idea of who these men are. But as they say, no spoilers.

These are the five protagonists. I like an ensemble piece. Set in 1938.
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FIve Against Satan in