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(UPDATE) Health Report and Things to Do


Sorry to report I am still having health issues in my battle with cancer. Working on this series is my greatest joy. However, I slow up. I have a lot of half drawn things. My speed is solely determined by my physical condition, which is not so great right now. I hope to have help in a few weeks, which will help with my output. Thank you for your patience.

Here is what I am working on now:

(1) Takedown: Epilogue, Dinner with the Family (7 page comic)
Script and Pencils are finished. Needs inks. I need an assitant who can ink, desperately.
My output would double and speed up if I had an assistant who inked. hint hint..

(2) Prince Crow Part 3: The Hand of Crow (7 page comic)
The pages are almost finished, but need scanning and assembling in photoshop.
I have really cheap and awful equipment so this part is not fun and takes time.

(3) Oberon Destroyers Issue Seven, 3 Heroes Meet (in installments)
The script has been finished for a over a year, when I did some major revisions.
(Comic, 35 pages, first meeting of Prince Crow, Joey, and the Ninja).

(4) The Legend of the White Mask, Script for Radio Play. Humor and Mystery.
This is a 30 page, very funny script. People like this one. Rather than wait around for a
production to come together, I have decided to post it here to share with the world.
This   one is all me. Combines True Crime, Masked Western Heroes, Tales of Povety,
and the White  Trash experience. Chuckling all the way.

(5) The Blue Fist: House of the Purple Death, Script for Radio Play, Humor and Horror
Think: Boys in the Hood crossed with a Monster Movie. 30 page radio play. Again,
while I wait for a Production Team to call me, I plan to share it here. Just now
awaiting some minor alterations but mostly finished. Txt No pics.

I would post The Blue Fist and the White Mask right now, but I need a cover illustration.

(6) FAN FIC – Light and Fury – Green Lantern and Black Fuy together again with the JSA: Year Zero. Welcome to the Golden Age. 50 page Pulp mini-novel with a few illustrations. Features the Spectre, Doctor Fate, The Sand Man, Carter Hall, Jim Corrigan, and The Black Fury by Tarpe Mills. I started writing this last week, and finshed about 15 pagges. The plot is tight. No rambling story lines that go nowhere. Fan Fic but Made Like a Pro, DC. DC is having some isseus finding thier direciton on their inventory, so I thought of this as a way to help them with the Golden Age inventory. Fun stuff!!

NOTE: I do not own any of the rights to (6). I just plan on posting a copy of this prose here on this site, when I submit it to DC, who will no doubt ignore it. If you like Golden Age characters and grim detective novels than this is for you. My updates of these guys is solid. This is what you have have been wating for.

Positive Comments always Welcome. I could use the help.
cheers, -b.

(UPDATE) TAKEDOWN with the Quiet Ninja, Part 5 (8 pages)

 TAKEDOWN Part 5 is complete – please go here – DEFENESTRATION

TAKEDOWN Part 5, the next installment – is now drawn and colored, waiting to be scanned. If I start scanning this weekend  then look for this one by Monday or Tuesday. This chapter gets pretty bloody, all of a sudden.

Here is the first page of the first installment, with a neat and tidy setup to the story.
Previous chapters/installments of TAKEDOWN can be found here.

TAKEDOWN Part 5 is complete – please go here – DEFENESTRATION


(UPDATE) Oberon Destroyers – TAKE DOWN (part two) 4 pages

TAKE DOWN (part 2, 4 pages)
Four pages, one page finished. Script written (in Japanese with English subtitles) ready to be pasted. Three pages – pencils finished. Once I get my health back, I can finish this one in less than a week. Introduces the Ninja’s little brother – Daisuke. There is also a really action scene – jumping out of an airplane.

I’m hoping I can post some preview art in the next day or two. Once again, sorry for the delay.


This sums it up – I walk into my dentists office one week after an extraction, thinking its a follow up. I have a fever (infection), and pain. The dental assistant informs me I am there for dentures fitting, but the mold was sent to the wrong office. I am also told that I have no fever, I have no pain, and if I want a follow up (that they really don’t do) I should call again next week (when I still have a fever?) and book an appointment, even though nobody answers the phone. They don’t even call back my other doctors when they call, very concerned about my health. The dentist is paid by my insurance, which is the full coverage Oregon Health Plan. On this particular day, I walked in sick, nothing happened (shipped to wrong office) and I went home sick. This is the third time they have given me either dry socket or an infection due to willfull negligence and fought me when I sought simple treatment (antibiotics, adequate dressing of wound after extraction).

That is what I have been facing for three years due to Oregon’s health plan (such as it is). I thought I was almost at the end after cancer and long struggles to get simple medications for another condition that was diagnosed 20 years ago by doctors outside Portland. Oregon suffers a glut of sloppy, unprofessional people more than most places, but it also tolerates doctors playing the same games as slacker employees at a coffee house. Malpractice is epidemic in Oregon.

And instead of completing pages for you, I am stuck fighting (again) for basic health care needs, fully insured, for things like fevers and infections. I thought I was at the end of it (by March) but the malpractice keeps dragging on and on, to the point where my other doctors are very conserned. But they can’t get their call returned. Tomorrow I go to my General Practioner for antibiotics and more runaround.


UPDATE – 1.19.15 11:20 PM – Pages are done, just need to paste word balloons. WIll post In 12 hours.

12FacesKENTARO01 UDATE – 01.16.15 Joey and Ken: The Ninja in the Room (4 pages) is almost finished. However, I am stuck waiting on a delivery of art supplies – brush pens for gray tones, to replace my 12 pen set (fancy art supplies, $50), that all went dry at the same time. Running Late. Tick Tock, Mr. Online delivery service. Should be posted on this site by Monday. I already inked and gray toned most of the four pages, but I am stuck needing two tones “in the mail” Script is edited and formatted. Should be quick once I have those pens. And it looks really good.

UPDATE – 01.16.15 WARNING – SHARED WORLD ALERT Except for stories taking place prior to 1940, all comics on this site are one big story. Everything matches up with everything else, so if you feel like you are missing some key information, feel free to dive into other issues for the answer. Characters are consistent from beginning to end, and these comics are not “stream of conciousness.” In “Joey and Ken,” they talk about the Quiet Ninja XXIII, because he will be joining the Project Oberon team two issues from now. You have free access to 5 issues and additional strips (about 150 pages) about the Oberon Destroyers right here on this site (Free Sample PDF and Webcomics), so you have a half of what you need to figure out the big mysterious reveal soon to come. The subtext of the dialogue is pregnant with clues. Actually, I have dropped major burning clues in plain sight in all the issues, that build to some pretty huge reveals in a few months. The Seige of Sacramento will occur. I put my three main characters in one room for the first time in issue 7 (next issue is 6). Most of the dialogue for issue 7 was written 2 years ago. I am adding new material to the story, but the plot, mission statement, character arcs, and overall game plan has not changed.

Enjoy! -B.

2015newyearPromo3Faces12facesJOEY0112facesNINJAface12FacesPRINCECROWAgentDeathray02roguesgallery KEN_SecretFNL Joey and Kentaro, “The NInja in the Room” is the second of my webcomics (4 pages) featuring a conversation between two of my main characters from Oberon Destroyers. My workspeed is speeding up after the last two installments, so I would say – I think I can post it in one week (January 14). Script is finished, pencils are almost finished, so just inks and scan and  “Bob’s your uncle.” In one week. The topic of conversation? Joey and Ken talk about the Ninja based on completely 3rd hand information. It’s my tribute to Social Media where many people use the freedom of speech to talk about things they really don’t know that much about. It’s also a humor piece, with many fun quips by Joey in between amazing flights of creative English by Ken. It’s also a great way to introduce more information about Japan’s Greatest Ninja without committing to any it (he’s a man of mystery, right?). Mostly its my way of exploring the characters of Joey and Kentaro. Teaser Quote – “Small Dick Disorder is not just a straight male disease, Ken. All men are in this together.” Soon!! Thanks, -B.


This whole copyright case of mine (see archive) has me energized to get back to Oberon Destroyers after a four month gap. – Kentaro Kanemichi – I miss you too much!!!

Click to Enlarge. One Big JPEG. Please note, © 2013, US Patent Office and other documentation on file.




Set in 1938. Chapter one to be posted in one week. Part 1 of 3, 20 pages, free pdf, mostly text with some illustrations. I will be posting new illustrations with excerpts from the story to people can get a taste, and a better idea of my writing style. Updates thorought the week! My story debut!

PS. there will be old public domain characters appearing, but this WILL NOT be a nostalgia trip or a campy take on things. Humor included, but often dark. Doctor Satan plays for real!

Oberon Destroyers UPDATE

Just putting out the welcome mat for the FTA. Hi!!!!

Oberon Destroyers – Three Team Members. Two of these guys.

I am looking forward to getting back to Oberon Destroyers. I want to write The Mask of Doctor Satan and draw TAKE DOWN (next issue of oberon destroyers) at the same time. TAKE DOWN is already written, but I decided to do an almost all silent issue. All action, all silent. Enemy base is doing fine, then something attacks like a Horror Movie – Japan’s Greatest Ninja. About 30 pages – long, silent action sequences, that tell a story. Take a look at my Miss Fury Liberated 1938 work and you can see the progression towards silent action. My prose style reads like a police report too. With a few gaudy touches. My latest, a five minute script called DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME, is a police report from a very horrible crime by a sinister group of people, with a surprise ending.

TAKE DOWN – I want to start drawing that one next week, and Dr. Satan is a little behind!! EEEK! Back to work!

Miss Fury, Oberon Destroyers Update

UPDATE – Miss Fury Page 3 is imminent – to be posted by 10pm PST today (Friday)

Miss Fury Liberated, 1939 – Page 3
is running a couple of days late (Thursday or Friday). It looks great, pencils all done, just needs inks and grays. Page three will bring Marla Drake, aka Miss Fury, to the end of one night’s adventure. After that, I have to spend more time on ther projects as its just me here in the studio.


Oberon Destroyers gets attention next. Joey and Kentaro‘s conversations, and the next issue, Take Down, an All Ninja, All Action issue.

Cover to issue 6 of Oberon Destroyers
Cover to issue 6 of Oberon Destroyers



I am now developing a original short story/pulp novel of just 50 pages, like pulp stories in Black Mask Magazine and others back in the old days. I have wanted to do this for a few years, but the drawing has taken up all my time.  I am looking for more vehicles for my fiction writing, (and inkers and assistants!). This project will allow me to turn out a lot more volume and fun stories at a better pace.

There will be abundant illustrations, but it will be a bloody inappropriate prose, or text only story with a few squences done in silent comic style. Dashiell Hammet writes the Shadow, something like that. It will mostly detail the adventures of the first group of occult operatives in 1938 including the villains in Meeting of Evil Doers, but back in the day, when they were young and fresh and full of promise.  And lots of fist fights, occult machines,  and gun play. Tarantino in 1938 with weird occult on top. Something like that, LOL.

I could start posting chapters within a few weeks. Check back for more!

If you have any comments or questions, please send an email to wallykhanofmars@yahoo.com
Sadly, I do not have time to egage in extended correspondence (I should be inking Miss Fury!), but I do get a lot from honest comments, especially when people tell me what interests them. I am very interested in my many international visitors. If you want to see Miss Fury or Oberon Destroyers more often, let me know!




Miss Fury Liberated, 1939 – NEXT ONE : UPDATE

Page Two (follows this sequence) is fully drawn and inked and just needs word balloons.
This Wednesday or Tuesday night maybe if I feel ambitious.

Page two looks good, btw. Better than one. Peter Lorre may toddle in at any moment as the one armed man. The recent collection Tarpe Mills: Miss Fury, Sensational Sundays 1941-1944 Tarpe Mills, edited by Trina Robbins is a great source for the original strips, now public domain.

Miss Fury Liberated, 1939:  Page 1 Strip 4


Full Page One – the one coming tomorrow will have the next installment in one women’s adventure. Click to enlarge.