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I just found a wonderful website – a A young woman named Brittany working in Japan living in the same region (Shimane) where my little Ninja character grew up, and her website has a ton of information about Shimane, rich in history. Brittany lives in Matsue, capitol of Shimane Prefecture.

I bet she even knows stories from Ugamotomachi (population 2,023). Mostly she adapts ancient, Japanese myth and folklore into easy to read manga. She hopes both experts and nonexperts will enjoy them – excellent! Whether a Japan Noob or a Japan XpertGaijin (™) then you will enjoy the whole site. Lots of information about the Shimane region. I hear there is a great bowling alley, karaoke, videogames/pinball, and laudromat center all under one roof (for a discount) in downtown Ugamotomachi.  I bet Matsue has several, oh what a metropolis (population approx. 200,000)

Just one sample from Brittany’s comics work –


She does comic strips to illustrate the stories from the Kojichi, or Japan’s Record of Ancient Matters. So of course, she knows all the stories of the eighty three dead Quiet Ninjas that watch over the Dojo of Silence? No? Don’t know that one?  Well, sometimes it can be  hard to get to everything, but she covers a lot on her blog! I bet its hard to see much of little Ugamotomachi when big, urban Matsue keeps sucking you in: Lots here too about Shimane’s wonderful culture, history, castles, food, and much more!  http://saninstory.wordpress.com/the-kojiki-legends-a-t-b-b-coming-soon/

Secret History of Ninja, Part 2 (25 pages). (FREE ONLINE PDF) – (139.5 MB)

“Until I Understand Right and Wrong in my Own Heart.” (23 pages)

It isn’t being Japan’s Greatest Ninja – an origin tale. Tells the story of his greatest darkness, when a personal slump right before a major secret tournament threatened to upend everything our hero has been working to achieve. Will he lose the title of Greatest? Will he screw up the family legacy? Guest starring Japan’s greatest rock artist, in a journey to find one’s authentic self, on  a beach at night in Kamakura with a Bosatsu of Rock and Roll. I am  proudest of this one.


Free Copy (about 25 pages):
Secret History of Ninja, Part 2, “Until I Understand Right and Wrong in my Own Heart.” FREE PDF ONLINE

NOTE – this is the last of the already finished issues (there are four so far, with somewhat confusing numbering, welcome to comics. They force us. Meeting of Evil Doers (ridiculous!) is the next one as we launch into the modern day story (end of April), then big Ninja action issue, then getting closer to issue six (end of July) when the three heroes come together in one room and bitch at each other, x-men style. Should be fun! Update art, sample art, preview art, news etc., updated by me, here every week, so please check back. “Kyakusama wa kamisama” (means) “Audience is a god!” Cheers, -B.


Cover to Secret History of Ninja, FREE DIGITAL EDITION.
Cover to Secret History of Ninja, FREE DIGITAL EDITION.

Introduces the story of Japan’s Greatest Ninja, of the Ugamoto Clan. His background, hometown, the inspirational music close to his heart, and the reason why he is a demon killer. A little indy, a little action/adventure, a lot of Japan. Some color pages, with lots and lots of gorgeous, hand painted black, white and gray tones, like a gorgeous, old movie. This issue is 100% free of digital art. All by hand. This PDF (100.7 MB) is scanned from the originals.

The story (PDF) starts here:

PART TWO to be published here, online, in about a week. Or sooner. We’ll see. I am very busy before the comics convention tomorrow!

No More Ninja? “Until I Understand Right and Wrong in My Own Heart.”

What I’m (also) working on – 23 pages, still needs inks on five pages and lots of brush work, a little clean up on the lettering. I don’t do computer coloring. I do pens and brushes, see image. The pages on the inside look gorgeous, if I do say so myself. Red, blue, yellow – colors for online edition.
Issue three of six. Japan’s greatest Ninja fights a major slump going into a secret tournament to establish his entire future. The pressure is on, so he takes a break to come up for air. Guest Starring Japan’s Greatest Rock Artist, on a beach at night in Kamakura. Written on Cancer and Chemotherapy, But not a chemo story. Its a “reclaim your life” story.