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JSA 1938: Blue Massacre in Gotham City (Pulp Story)

JSA 1938: Blue Massacre, the story of the Mystery Men that formed the first JSA in 1938, set in Gotham City. I do not own the copyrights to these characters, so these materials are NOT FOR SALE (fair use). DC has also been throwing away its Golden Age inventory, showing no intent to keep publishing. So, I thought I would show DC how to use their Golden Age inventory in a fresh, inventive and fun manner (FOR FREE!!). The final story is a 50 page pulp story that tells the story with words rather than pictures, and a few illustrations. See below for Synopsis.

First draft of part one (25 pages) is pretty tight. Could be done after this weekend. Part 2 is also mostly written. I just have to fix some pages and write the final battle (already plotted out). I just saw my income situation get some help, and my health is better. So, I hope to be posting a LOT more. The past few months has been difficult, but I did produce a lot. I am sitting on a lot of stuff that needs just a final polish and scan.

Should be a lot of stuff posted in this space coming up real soon. Enjoy! -Brian



JSA 1938: Blue Massacre in Gotham City.


In 1938 Doctor Satan opened a supernatural gate and summoned a horrible and deadly monster in the middle of a titanic hurricane.

All over Gotham City, police officers are brutally slaughtered by a monster from the occult world, who crossed over to our side by black magic. The creature targets coppers and raises ghosts to testify. All of these officers had a secret to hide, except Detective Jim Corrigan, victim number one. The Gotham City Police are hopeless as the union muzzles everyone. They were unprepared for a blue massacre by a howling spectre, and blood on the walls. Over four dozen police could die in a fortnight, when the harvesting moon will take the sky without shadow. Solomon Grundy has risen from the swamp, and and the man holding his leash is Doctor Satan, master of walking corpses.

A circle of anonymous vigilantes gathers to face the approaching storm. They form a circle of virtuous men, working in the shadows. The mysterious  Sandman runs the opposition to Doctor Satan and the Spectral Creature. Female adventurer the Black Fury and her partner, the Green Lantern join the group as new members. Carter Hall, international adventurer brings the weapons as quartermaster, and Doctor Fate lends his strength as a sorcerer.

JSA 1938 – is a period correct look at the Golden Age comics and Pulp stories of the time. I have applied my graduate degree in Interwar History (1918 to 1941) and a lot research to create an exploration of the Depression Era, just before Pearl Harbor.









New Update Very Soon (by Thursday night)

Working title – Die Like a Dog, Part One of Three, from Four Men Against Satan, loosely based on public domain pulp characters from 1936-1941.  Iillustrated short story, lots of illustrations. I plan on releasing it in chapters, 15-20 pages at at time. Total length without illustrations – 50 pages, already carefully plotted out. This is not a nostalgia trip, amateur stream of consciousness, or a story by someone with little knowledge of the year 1938. blood-dripping

This is not a dreamy eyed look at pulp fiction. This is pulp fiction bashing someone’s head in with a tire iron. What if a batman or green hornet had to exist in the world of true crime? This is the story for you. It is very violent. The entire thing is very carefully structured and plotted, and often reads like a police report, a little high on something. True Crime and Fantastic Crime. People will die horribly.

Preview Illustrations due in a few days, definitely by Thursday. Its a busy week!

Here are some of the images that inspire and inform the story, although my new version will be a “Post Tarantino” look at the genre, so please remember, Noir is not shadows, its shadows that represent the slippery nature of moratlity. Crime Fiction with a bizarre edge. Very, very soon!

1 70121642 crimson avenger Detective_Comics_7 film-noir-black-mask-capa- flessel_creig_detective38 emitronshading405line250 gary-cooper-0907-lg Karloff, Boris_05 Young_Gary_cooper_4-274x352


Preview Illustrations due in a few days, definitely by Thursday. Its a busy week!


Miss Fury, Oberon Destroyers Update

UPDATE – Miss Fury Page 3 is imminent – to be posted by 10pm PST today (Friday)

Miss Fury Liberated, 1939 – Page 3
is running a couple of days late (Thursday or Friday). It looks great, pencils all done, just needs inks and grays. Page three will bring Marla Drake, aka Miss Fury, to the end of one night’s adventure. After that, I have to spend more time on ther projects as its just me here in the studio.


Oberon Destroyers gets attention next. Joey and Kentaro‘s conversations, and the next issue, Take Down, an All Ninja, All Action issue.

Cover to issue 6 of Oberon Destroyers
Cover to issue 6 of Oberon Destroyers



I am now developing a original short story/pulp novel of just 50 pages, like pulp stories in Black Mask Magazine and others back in the old days. I have wanted to do this for a few years, but the drawing has taken up all my time.  I am looking for more vehicles for my fiction writing, (and inkers and assistants!). This project will allow me to turn out a lot more volume and fun stories at a better pace.

There will be abundant illustrations, but it will be a bloody inappropriate prose, or text only story with a few squences done in silent comic style. Dashiell Hammet writes the Shadow, something like that. It will mostly detail the adventures of the first group of occult operatives in 1938 including the villains in Meeting of Evil Doers, but back in the day, when they were young and fresh and full of promise.  And lots of fist fights, occult machines,  and gun play. Tarantino in 1938 with weird occult on top. Something like that, LOL.

I could start posting chapters within a few weeks. Check back for more!

If you have any comments or questions, please send an email to wallykhanofmars@yahoo.com
Sadly, I do not have time to egage in extended correspondence (I should be inking Miss Fury!), but I do get a lot from honest comments, especially when people tell me what interests them. I am very interested in my many international visitors. If you want to see Miss Fury or Oberon Destroyers more often, let me know!




Oberon Destroyers Design (Unfinished from the Sketchbook)

I did this about three years ago with characters I designed over five years ago. I ended up working more on stories that go, rather than pictures that sit. The three villains are now featured in Meeting of Evil Doers. VIllains Die Angry



Sample pages from OBERON DESTROYERS: MEETING OF EVIL DOERS (issue 5 of 12), A comedy of Douchebags. Pages 5, 10, 11, 12 and 17 with Dialogue.

(click to enlarge)

OBDES_FNLissue5page5OBDES_FNLissue5page7 OBDES_FNLissue5page10OBDES_FNLissue5page11 OBDES_FNLissue5page12 OBDES_FNLissue5page17

This link for the full issue, free PDF:

OBERON DESTROYERS – Issue 5 – Meeting of Evil Doers (FREE PDF)

Just finished — 20 pages, issue 5 of 12.
This one focuses on the EVIL DOERS, in full color.


WARNING – Contains Violence
WARNING – Contains Foul Language
WARNING – May Contain Humor



OBERON DESTROYERS, Meeting of Evil Doers (Cover)

UPDATE 2/3’s of the pages are drawn in pencil, and need ink and color.
UPDATE – Inks and colors are mostly done, pages w/bonus pinups of EVIL DOERS ready to be scanned in a few days. This week I do final finishing and word balloons on the computer.

WARNING – May contain foul language
WARNING – May contain bloody violence
WARNING – May contain dark and inappropriate humor

GENESIS (behind the scenes/bonus track)
I had the idea for this 15 years ago when I lived in Tokyo. I had a blazing vision of 12 villains meeting in secret, dressed like a good pulp magazine circa 1933. I was reading a lot of the original Maxwell Grant Shadow stories published in the 30s, and reading a ton of interwar history (1919-1939), including true crime and gangster history. This was my first foray into actually constructing a story with scenes and beats, and I had no idea what I was doing. That failed attempt sent me on a course to self educate on script writing, story beats, character arcs, natural dialog, and then the humor just came naturally.

I worked hard on improving my drawing from a craft perspective. The real personal breakthrough on my writing was a script I wrote for something totally different in 2011. For over a decade I made dolls, and still have them. I ran my own website/online porfolio. And each year I thought about what made my evil doer meeting scene not work, and wrote more backstory on the individual evil doers, which is kind of the point. Then I found what was wrong, and where they could fit very well – Oberon Destroyers, my brand new project I started in 2012.

I am very proud of this issue –  its my writing, design, and figure work all pulling at the same harness and telling an entertaining story. 15 years later. Bwhahahahahah!!!
It’s like my Saturn Returns as an artist, but as usual, I am running a little late.



FInd the finished issue HERE

Oberon Destroyers Rogues Gallery: THE DEVIL DOG

Rogue’s Gallery: The Devil Dog
Appearing in a few weeks in Meeting of Evil Doers (20 pages).


Satanic Deadbeat Dad of 666 Demonic Puppies Bound for Doom



  1. Ate his first owner twice: scarfed him, barfed him, and ate him again.
  2. Jumps onto the furniture without permission. Just that. It’s horrible.
  3. Makes humans beg for food (after kicking them off the furniture).
  4. Poops and Pees in inappropriate places, like the Grand Conference Room on the Black Curtain’s submarine, which is expensive to clean.
  5. Walks around like he owns the joint:
    If he marks your territory, then you are now homeless.
  6. He’s actually a very smart boy, aren’t ya boy? (snarl, bite bite bite, scarf, barf…).
  7. Chief Oracle of Satan’s Sleeping Sphere at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Satan’s Yellow Paw, Satan’s Agent, spoils Devil Dog. They are tight, share minions, eat humans, and sometimes go on a walk together.
  8. Oh What a Evil Boy!!!!

Rough pencils from the next issue of Oberon Destroyers: Meeting of Evil Doers, A Comedy of Douchebags (20 pages).

Devil Dog attends the meeting and sits on the furniture. We find out about the grand plan to displace humans. I have completed 12 pages of rough pencils, just 8 more to go, then inks, colors, word balloons and upload. The first draft of the script was written a year ago, but I recently gave it a major overhaul to give it an extra layer of humor and horror. Soon! Just a couple of weeks…



Look into the Eyes of Devil Dog: Just Like Sweetheart Candy


Oberon Destroyers Rogues Gallery: Queen of the Red Web

Oberon Destroyers Rogues Gallery.
Next Issue: Meeting of Evil Doers:  A Comedy of Douchebags, featuring the Rogues Gallery.
This is what I am working on now. Look for it in a few weeks. These are the ones that get me in trouble. The Villains.

More Rogues to follow in the next few days.