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3rd Party Recommended: Chatterbox Audio Theater


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Chatterbox Audio Theater

I’m producing a finsihed audio script myself as a radio drama/comedy, so I’ve been researching the state of the art produced by other groups. This is one of the best I found around the country. Chatterbox Audio Theater is a performance group I found based in Memphis TN and Kansas City MO, that does Audio Theater – Classics, horror, comedy, art house, drama, serious performance, and more. The prefer to work with local people.

They produce Audio Theater through live recordings of voice actors, using analog based sound effects and live musicians. Recordings of these dramas, comedies and classics are  posted on their site like a podcast. These guys are very interesting, with some interesting scripts they pulled from original writers and/or the public domain. Check out their anthologies.  Unlike other outfits doing this, most of the crew and staff are relatively young, with fresher material. Worth checking out!


Disclaimer – Images on this page are © Chatterbox Audio Theater, and are not officially associated with Oberon Destroyers/Brian Mcnally, other than as a 3rd party review.