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Secret History of Ninja, Part 2 (25 pages). (FREE ONLINE PDF) – (139.5 MB)

“Until I Understand Right and Wrong in my Own Heart.” (23 pages)

It isn’t being Japan’s Greatest Ninja – an origin tale. Tells the story of his greatest darkness, when a personal slump right before a major secret tournament threatened to upend everything our hero has been working to achieve. Will he lose the title of Greatest? Will he screw up the family legacy? Guest starring Japan’s greatest rock artist, in a journey to find one’s authentic self, on  a beach at night in Kamakura with a Bosatsu of Rock and Roll. I am  proudest of this one.


Free Copy (about 25 pages):
Secret History of Ninja, Part 2, “Until I Understand Right and Wrong in my Own Heart.” FREE PDF ONLINE

NOTE – this is the last of the already finished issues (there are four so far, with somewhat confusing numbering, welcome to comics. They force us. Meeting of Evil Doers (ridiculous!) is the next one as we launch into the modern day story (end of April), then big Ninja action issue, then getting closer to issue six (end of July) when the three heroes come together in one room and bitch at each other, x-men style. Should be fun! Update art, sample art, preview art, news etc., updated by me, here every week, so please check back. “Kyakusama wa kamisama” (means) “Audience is a god!” Cheers, -B.