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(NEW) JOEY and KEN – THE NINJA IN THE ROOM (4 pages, New Chapter)

New Four Pages, Joey and Ken at Oberon HQ in Placerville, they talk about the Ninja and go to lunch. A little humorous. To read more about the NInja, Ken’s adventures in Sacramento, odd alien visitor Prince Crow, and Joey’s giant, please see Free Sample in the PDF section while these issues are still free.

NOTE – This comic features a character from Japan who does not speak fluent or perfect English. His speech patterns are based on 7 years of observing approx. 7500 students in Japan. Margaret Cho at the Golden Globes was recently bullied by PC bogus “anti-colonialists” for portraying an Asian who does not speak perfect English, to a monolingual, monocultural audience that is phobic of foreign accents. So of course they need foreigners to speak perfect English? That is not colonialist, racist and xenophobic? That is the “progressive” view?

This is why I dumped Leftist politics and draw comics. Americans should travel first, then talk.  If you can put all that aside, and just enjoy the damn comic, Have at it!! I had fun, for its worth!  cheers, -b.
KenandJoeyPART2_FNLpage1 KenandJoeyPART2_FNLpage2 KenandJoeyPART2_FNLpage3 KenandJoeyPART2_FNLpage4 UPDATE – 01.16.15 WARNING – SHARED WORLD ALERT Except for stories taking place prior to 1940, all comics on this site are one big story. Everything matches up with everything else, so if you feel like you are missing some key information, feel free to dive into other issues for the answer. Characters are consistent from beginning to end, and these comics are not “stream of conciousness.” In “Joey and Ken,” they talk about the Quiet Ninja XXIII, because he will be joining the Project Oberon team two issues from now. You have free access to 5 issues and additional strips (about 150 pages) about the Oberon Destroyers right here on this site (Free Sample PDF and Webcomics), so you have a half of what you need to figure out the big mysterious reveal soon to come. The subtext of the dialogue is pregnant with clues. Actually, I have dropped major burning clues in plain sight in all the issues, that build to some pretty huge reveals in a few months. The Seige of Sacramento will occur. I put my three main characters in one room for the first time in issue 7 (next issue is 6). Most of the dialogue for issue 7 was written 2 years ago. I am adding new material to the story, but the plot, mission statement, character arcs, and overall game plan has not changed.

(NEW) OBERON DESTROYERS WEBCOMIC: California Conversations (1) with Joey and Kentaro

ArchivesButton 01_KenJoey_page01_FNL_withtext 02_KenJoey_page02_FNL_withTXT  ArchivesButton   These are previous installments in the Epid of Kentaro, wait, who is this guy? Two page humor webcomics, posted ten months ago. Click to enlarge for eaiser reading. Oberon Destroyers Bonus Feature 01 (complete scene @ 2 pages) Oberon Destroyers Bonus Feature (02) (complete scene @ 2 pages) Oberon Destroyers Bonus Feature (03) (complete scene @ 2 pages) Oberon Destroyers / Evil Doer WebComic (01)

whew. I actually threw the latest Kentaro and Joey pages together in five days, despite health issues, from a script I wrote right after the Sacramento Comic Con last March (2014). It does feel like me in Sacramento after returning from Japan after 14 years in Tokyo.  It’s also a welcome opportunity to spend some time with Kentaro and Joey, walking the dog. I love both these guys. WIth their funny English from different sides of the ocean. This is definitely in the HUMOR column. And yes, sometimes they really do talk like that in California! WARNING — all characters are in continuity with the Oberon Destroyers 12 issues series, in particular, issue 3 (JUMP TEST) I am a very intent filled plotter, so there are some big surprises coming soon, especially concerning Kentaro, Our Man From TEPCO, which may contain spoilers, so let’s keep it between you and me, OK? “Loose lips sink ships.” Previous webcomics featuring Ken, Joey and Agent Deathray posted below. Deathray – Red Herring or the enemy who walks among us? Click to enlarge, after the  advertisement.

All material here is copyright © Brian McNally December 2013, all rights reserved. Any copying or use of this materials requires the permission of the author. To see what happens to people who infringe on my copyright, please see this link and remember, crime never pays.




Past issues (Act 1) can be found in the free sample section.
I also just posted a new two page webcomic with these characters here.

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The Quiet Ninja Explains – The Evils of the Enemy (click to enlarge)

Past issues One to Five (Act 1) can be found in the free sample section.
Issue 5, Meeting of Evil Doers (humor) can also be found  in the free sample section.

(new) Oberon Destroyers – UPDATE – Kentaro and Joey

I am starting work TOMORROW on the drawings for UNDERSTUDIES and COVER BANDS, a series of four webcomics with a character closeup on Joey and Kentaro. 6 panels per page, two pages on one toasty JPEG. The script was written and edited two months ago. Things get busy. Look for it in a week. I shall try by Tuesday, October 14, next week.


Oberon Rogues Gallery (Red Succubus)

Rogues Gallery


“I curse you with the Mark of the Red Succubus. At midnight I shall appear at your window, and enter your room as a red vapor. You will be raped, castrated, and then I shall sit on your chest until you suffocate. This is the fate you deserve. So Says the Red Succubus.”

Yeah, not such a hot date. She has no comment on rumors of her romantic involvement with the Green Mist. She gets on well with those in power. “Just focus on the work,” BLAM.

There is a legend that she never shows her face, except when destroying her prey. She rips off  her mask and the sight of her horrible, demonic, supernaturally wrong face  drives men insane as she sits on their chest. Their eyeballs explode blood as they cannot scream while suffocating.

She makes a key appearence in Oberon Destroyers: Meeting of Evil Doers (issue 5) (free PDF on this site) and ACT II: Siege of Sacramento (issues 8-10), when the villains strike Oberon HQ.




To be featured in issue 6 (next one), and 7, 8, 9 and 10. Action is in the wings.

From Left to Right:
Rivet-head, The Green Mist, Red Succubus, the White Hood, and the Yellow Gas.
Each has a unique history and character (see below), so please don’t judge a book by its cover.
I am also working on several more two page webcomics focusing on a couple of particular characters, probably Joey, Kentaro, and Prince Crow’s Evil Twin. SEIGE of SACRAMENTO is where we are going now, see issue 5.

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Rivet-Head (personal history) WARNING – CONTAINS HORROR and DARK HUMOR
Rolfie Huntsbrunner was a member of Ernst Rohm’s circle of immediate favorites during the Heyday of the SA. Young Rolfie (nineteen) adored Ernst, a much older man, who was at the peak of his power in the brand new, revolutionary regime. Rolfie was 19, tall, fit, loved sport, and very handsome.  He was in love with the radical idea of the military as an agent of change. He rejoiced at the vision of men in uniform sharing the wealth of a corrupt ruling class with the poor, now that their friends in the Nazi Party were  finally in power. The month of June (and swimming with the boys!) was gorgeous before the SS came to pound on the door.

In June of 1934, Hitler broke the power of the SA in the “Night of the Long Knives.”  SA leadership was arrested and executed along with other political rivals to Hitler as he consolidated his control over Germany.  Ernst Rohm was given a gun and told to do the right thing. Legend has it he shook so bad he dropped the gun and begged the SS men to take pity and spare his life. They shot him anyway and told everyone his last words.

Rolfie was arrested for treason, and first did a spell in prison for a year.  In 1935 he was transferred out to a special camp for Paragraph 175 offenders (homosexual acts), based on evidence obtained from interrogations of other Rohm favorites and their jealous friends.  He was there for one day and one night at a very crowded camp, before a man from Operation Stormcrow arrived asking questions. Stormcrow was a scientific unit asociated with Himmler’s SS.

They took Rolfie in manacles to their lab and read legal papers. Rolfie’s record included car theft, drunken disorderly, gambling, narcotics possession, inciting a riot, failure to obey a police officer, resisting arrest, assault and battery, suspected of homicide, guilty of treason, and homosexual acts. Therefore, he would have no say in the matter. Five men held him down, they strapped him to a gurney, and went to work.

Rolfie was a very early experiment, but he worked out for his controllers. He was one of the most feared agents of a secret occult war occurring in the shadows of WWII.

In the closing days of the war, the treatments on Rolfie (aka Rivet-Head) went better on his body than on his head. A shadowy international conspiracy offered to “buy the business” from the scientists after Germany’s imminent collapse, but only if the final package included Rivet-Head. Rolfie’s head was awake but his gross motor functions were deteriorating rapidly.

Being clever men, they had a spare head from another convict ready to go at all times. They popped off Rolfie’s head and replaced it. After that, it just never seemed like the old Rolfie on missions anymore.  The Black Curtain collects heads, and is proud of the place Rolfie has within his collection. It took a great deal of time and effort to find after the war. He is still awake and has no motor functions, floating in a jar.

But is Rolfie still gay?
Rivet-Head Personal History © Brian McNally, all rights reserved.


Sample pages from OBERON DESTROYERS: MEETING OF EVIL DOERS (issue 5 of 12), A comedy of Douchebags. Pages 5, 10, 11, 12 and 17 with Dialogue.

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OBDES_FNLissue5page5OBDES_FNLissue5page7 OBDES_FNLissue5page10OBDES_FNLissue5page11 OBDES_FNLissue5page12 OBDES_FNLissue5page17

This link for the full issue, free PDF:

OBERON DESTROYERS – Issue 5 – Meeting of Evil Doers (FREE PDF)

Just finished — 20 pages, issue 5 of 12.
This one focuses on the EVIL DOERS, in full color.


WARNING – Contains Violence
WARNING – Contains Foul Language
WARNING – May Contain Humor