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(NEW) TAKEDOWN Part 7 – Escape Velocity (7 pages)

This is the second to final chapter. To see the previous chapters, go to the Takedown Page Here.

Oberon Destroyers – Takedown – Part 7 featuring the Quiet Ninja XXIII. This is the last installment, except for one Epilogue – Dinner with the Family. I actually have two more stories in the pipeline (at least half drawn) so I am hoping I can unroll a goodly portion of pages by Christmas and the end of the year, including something that features Prince Crow, weird homeless traveler from another world. Oshogatsu Omedeto!!


(Update) Takedown Part 7 – Escape Velocity (7 pages)

This installment is coming together very quickly. I just finished the pencils, and inking should go quickly. The keynote on this one is simplicity of presentation, and if possible a homage of Wally Wood inks, if I can manage it. Ink the lines and swash on a little light gray highlights, aaaaand its done. Probably in one week, just in time for Thanksgiving. The more color, the longer it takes. This one is going quick. After this installment (part seven) the only thing left to complete for issue Six is one epilogue, “Dinner with the Family.”

You can read past intallments of Takedown with Japan’s Greatest Ninja here for free on this page.

Oberon Destroyers: The Quiet Ninja (23rd of the House of Ugamoto)

(NEW) Takedown Part Six – Showdown with the Reptile (7 pages)

Here is the latest installment of Takedown, part six, Issue Six of Oberon Destroyers. It feels like I have been writing and designing this for three years, becasue I have. You can catch up on the story here on the page collecting all the chapters.

This is the final showdown. After this, there is one more chapter (seven) and one epilogue. Then I move on to Issue Seven, that gathers the entire team in once place.






You can find the story (26 pages, up to part 5) here on this page (Free) Issue 6 – TakeDown

Cover is a tribute to all the old cover artists of the Shadow by Maxwell Grant and others in pulp magazines of the 1930, which somehow works with the Japanese ad copy. I also surprised myself with all the Kaluta and Wrightston style touches. I first encountered their Shadow when I was eight (40 years ago). I loved their horror style on the Shadow, mixed with crime drama and pulp heroics.

Five chapters have already been completed (26 pages so far). Three more chapters left – I have been telling the story in a series of 4-8 page installments. I created a new page to group the entire story in one place for easy viewing. Please see here.

The Quiet Ninja is Japan’s Greatest Ninja and a key player in the secret Occult Wars. He is puritanical in his desire to destroy occult villains that seek to gain the upper hand against humans through sorcery and hocus pocus (see previous issues). His family has been on the frontline of this war for 2000 years. This issue is all action, and gets pretty bloody. Most of the story is silent action sequences with little or no dialogue.


(NEW) OBERON DESTROYERS: TAKEDOWN: PART FIVE featuring the Quiet Ninja (8 pages in color)

Finally! My pens ran out this month, and I wasn’t able to get adequate replacements (art supplies industry is not helpful) So, I went with some computer fixes, adjusting my raw analog master pages with a few easy tricks – adjust brightness/contrast, adjust color balance, and a little bit of paint bucket for deeper blacks when my pens ran too dry to saturate well. Also, a few fun backgrounds for enemy HQ, just like last chapter. Usually, I just like to draw and post, and not mess around with a lot of computer fixes.

This installment is the one that dooms my G rating. This time it’s (V) for violence, but my Ninja is more than anything else a badass action hero. So what can you do? Pretty tame compared to what most teens see in their media…..
Enjoy!! Cheers, -B.
For previous chapters in the story, please see Free Webcomics.

TAKEDOWN_part5_page1_FNL1 TAKEDOWN_part5_page2_FNL1 TAKEDOWN_part5_page3_FNL1 TAKEDOWN_part5_page4_FNL1 TAKEDOWN_part5_page5_FNL1 TAKEDOWN_part5_page6_FNL1 TAKEDOWN_part5_page7_FNL1 TAKEDOWN_part5_page8_FNL1

(UPDATE) TAKEDOWN with the Quiet Ninja, Part 5 (8 pages)

 TAKEDOWN Part 5 is complete – please go here – DEFENESTRATION

TAKEDOWN Part 5, the next installment – is now drawn and colored, waiting to be scanned. If I start scanning this weekend  then look for this one by Monday or Tuesday. This chapter gets pretty bloody, all of a sudden.

Here is the first page of the first installment, with a neat and tidy setup to the story.
Previous chapters/installments of TAKEDOWN can be found here.

TAKEDOWN Part 5 is complete – please go here – DEFENESTRATION


(NEW) Preview Cover – Meeting of Evil Doers Part 2 (cover only)

CHECK LIST Script is in rough draft stage. Needs a lot of work, these guys are so bad!! Please note, Spymaster was not included. Pleaes see History of Ninja (webcomics, free PDF) for more details on spymaster. This is issue eight. Right now I am more than half way done with Issue six, so sooner or later. enjoy.

You can enjoy the first Meeting of Evil Doers (20 pages) here on the free PDF page. Just scroll down and look for the submarine and the giant sphere.


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RECAP The Quiet Ninja has infiltrated an enemy base that contains a deadly sphere, now being prepared for an attack against Sacramento and the Oberon Destroyers Head Quarters. After shelling the front gate to create a distraction, the Quiet Ninja hit the ice on skates, He prepares to scale the back end of the station undetected. To see previous episodes, please go here.

TAKEDOWN_part4_1_FNLtxt TAKEDOWN_part4_2_FNLtxt TAKEDOWN_part4_3_FNLtext TAKEDOWN_part4_4_FNLtxt TAKEDOWN_part4_5_FNLtxt TAKEDOWN_part4_6_FNLtxt