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JSA 1938: Blue Massacre in Gotham City (Pulp Story)

JSA 1938: Blue Massacre, the story of the Mystery Men that formed the first JSA in 1938, set in Gotham City. I do not own the copyrights to these characters, so these materials are NOT FOR SALE (fair use). DC has also been throwing away its Golden Age inventory, showing no intent to keep publishing. So, I thought I would show DC how to use their Golden Age inventory in a fresh, inventive and fun manner (FOR FREE!!). The final story is a 50 page pulp story that tells the story with words rather than pictures, and a few illustrations. See below for Synopsis.

First draft of part one (25 pages) is pretty tight. Could be done after this weekend. Part 2 is also mostly written. I just have to fix some pages and write the final battle (already plotted out). I just saw my income situation get some help, and my health is better. So, I hope to be posting a LOT more. The past few months has been difficult, but I did produce a lot. I am sitting on a lot of stuff that needs just a final polish and scan.

Should be a lot of stuff posted in this space coming up real soon. Enjoy! -Brian



JSA 1938: Blue Massacre in Gotham City.


In 1938 Doctor Satan opened a supernatural gate and summoned a horrible and deadly monster in the middle of a titanic hurricane.

All over Gotham City, police officers are brutally slaughtered by a monster from the occult world, who crossed over to our side by black magic. The creature targets coppers and raises ghosts to testify. All of these officers had a secret to hide, except Detective Jim Corrigan, victim number one. The Gotham City Police are hopeless as the union muzzles everyone. They were unprepared for a blue massacre by a howling spectre, and blood on the walls. Over four dozen police could die in a fortnight, when the harvesting moon will take the sky without shadow. Solomon Grundy has risen from the swamp, and and the man holding his leash is Doctor Satan, master of walking corpses.

A circle of anonymous vigilantes gathers to face the approaching storm. They form a circle of virtuous men, working in the shadows. The mysterious  Sandman runs the opposition to Doctor Satan and the Spectral Creature. Female adventurer the Black Fury and her partner, the Green Lantern join the group as new members. Carter Hall, international adventurer brings the weapons as quartermaster, and Doctor Fate lends his strength as a sorcerer.

JSA 1938 – is a period correct look at the Golden Age comics and Pulp stories of the time. I have applied my graduate degree in Interwar History (1918 to 1941) and a lot research to create an exploration of the Depression Era, just before Pearl Harbor.









OBERON DESTROYERS Best of 2014 – Robot Hand


This was an incidental design sketch for a scene, and it took off. I check my stats carefully, and this is one of my most viewed images. It goes to my ongoing pulp short story, The Mask of Dr. Satan: Die Like a Dog. I just wanted a 1930s style robot, where it was not clear if  it was a man in a suit or a real robot. You be the fair jury.  But Beware the Left Claw!

(NEW) DOCTOR SATAN – TERROR TRAIN (short story) 14 pages

The Mask of Doctor Satan – Terror Train (short story/new pulp action) 14 pages.




Microsoft Word - DRSATANp1trainterrorFNL.docx

The Mask of Doctor Satan – Terror Train (short story/new pulp action) 14 pages.






The Robot lumbers in a rambling house in Bookertown, New Jersey, a black township, founded on the ideals of Booker T. Washington. The original owner, Lionel Grimes,  suffered a terrible tragedy at the hands of the current owner, the Doctor Satan Shell Company.  The all white county police force stay away from Bookertown, and did not lift a finger to help poor Lionel and his family that night. It was horrible.

The first floor of the large victorian was converted by its mysterious owners into an eatery called, “Amityville Restaurant.” The locals  despise and shun the palce. The dining room feels like a dead quiet funeral for an unpopular man.  Bookertown locals call it, “world’s worst chicken.” Most Bookertown residents avoid the house  because the memory of what consumed the Grimes family still disturbs their minds. Some claim to have seen zombies in the windows, and most agree the one waiter on duty in the dining room, a blind man,  is a zombie. His eyes are white, and he rarely speaks. You never knwo what’s happening with your order.

And up above the unmistakable sound of thump, thump, thump.

Iron clad feet walking slowly.

The robot runs with the zombies, haunting the house in Bookertown, one hour outside NYC.  Wait, real zombies? With a robot? Is it a man in a suit? Exo Tin Can Suit? Is it a Borg like hive mind in a tin can ripped off from the Tin Man? Is this some scoobie do thing, rip off the mask of the ghost to reveal the gardener,  “If it hadn’t been for your kids…!” Oh I don’t know. I mean I do know but, hey, where was I? A-Ha. Plotted out to 50 pages.

And that’s end of ACT 2 spoilers. See  Opening Act Here – DOCTOR SATAN: PART 1 – TERROR TRAIN 14 page PDF

(NEW) Doctor Satan and the Terror Train (Part One/14 pages)

Part One – 14 Pages, Free PDF. Get it Here.

Finally – part one of The Mask of Doctor Satan, Part One: Terror Train. Most of this was finished in rough form several weeks ago, but health and work issues kept me crawling on the floor towards the typewriter.  I never let a first draft out the door. 4th and 5th, maybe. This writer of true crime even had a true crime story occur right here in this house, to my great surprise, still unfolding. “It’s all just fun and games, until somebody gets charged with a felony.”

Funny the people you meet in St. Johns… I’m OK but somebody is looking at bad news in a courtroom. Me? I feel sadness and dissapointment, and great surprise. Who knew he was a dumb thief? I didn’t.  Watching self destructive young men self destruct is like watching a car go over a cliff in slow motion. It’s horrible. And too much sudden stress for me. and sudden sadness. I’m not too worried because as his landlord I can do an Unconditional Quit Notice, five days notice. Sad, y’know?

Enjoy! Go to FREE PDFS for the 14 page beginning of the story. I hope to come out with the next installment in two weeks. 15 pages are already written, but I like to edit without mercy, and my chapters are very carefully plotted. The story is written but most of the dialog that comes next is not.

Here’s hoping September is less of a rough slog than August.




Microsoft Word - DRSATANp1trainterrorFNL.docx



Set in 1938. Chapter one to be posted in one week. Part 1 of 3, 20 pages, free pdf, mostly text with some illustrations. I will be posting new illustrations with excerpts from the story to people can get a taste, and a better idea of my writing style. Updates thorought the week! My story debut!

PS. there will be old public domain characters appearing, but this WILL NOT be a nostalgia trip or a campy take on things. Humor included, but often dark. Doctor Satan plays for real!

The Mask of Doctor Satan (Short Story Illustrations)

The five leads of the Mask of Doctor Satan. Total story length in text – 50 pages. Released in three parts, with cliffhangers.  The first part will be soon. Very soon… I have finished the first twenty pages, which not needs final checks and edits. I am very methodical. I have an excellent idea of who these men are. But as they say, no spoilers.

These are the five protagonists. I like an ensemble piece. Set in 1938.
Click to enlarge picture (1000 pixels wide)

FIve Against Satan in

The Mask of Doctor Satan (Short Story Illustrations)

More illustrations for The Mask of Doctor Satan: Terror Train (Set in 1938). FREE PDF, 14 pages
Please also see recent posts for more information.




The Mask of Doctor Satan: Terror Train (Set in 1938). FREE PDF, 14 pages

The Mask of Doctor Satan (short story illustrations)

I will be uploading all day today… about a dozen images. These are for a fifty page short story to be released in three parts over starting in a couple of weeks. Come back later for more details, or please see several posts in this archives!