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(NEW) Preview Cover – Meeting of Evil Doers Part 2 (cover only)

CHECK LIST Script is in rough draft stage. Needs a lot of work, these guys are so bad!! Please note, Spymaster was not included. Pleaes see History of Ninja (webcomics, free PDF) for more details on spymaster. This is issue eight. Right now I am more than half way done with Issue six, so sooner or later. enjoy.

You can enjoy the first Meeting of Evil Doers (20 pages) here on the free PDF page. Just scroll down and look for the submarine and the giant sphere.




Super size one page that catches you up, words and pictures, and gives a taste of the story. Self explanatory. Just read the one page and enjoy, then if you like you can find the full issues (one to five) on my free sample PDF Pages Here. All five issues are available for free.

click to enlarge and read.

I plan on starting TAKE DOWN (all action, all ninja) within three weeks. Everything up to issue 8 is written, and the rest is plotted out in my notes. Issue six layouts – done.
My level of committment to finish this is high.

I have a long term plan.

Oberon Rogues Gallery (Red Succubus)

Rogues Gallery


“I curse you with the Mark of the Red Succubus. At midnight I shall appear at your window, and enter your room as a red vapor. You will be raped, castrated, and then I shall sit on your chest until you suffocate. This is the fate you deserve. So Says the Red Succubus.”

Yeah, not such a hot date. She has no comment on rumors of her romantic involvement with the Green Mist. She gets on well with those in power. “Just focus on the work,” BLAM.

There is a legend that she never shows her face, except when destroying her prey. She rips off  her mask and the sight of her horrible, demonic, supernaturally wrong face  drives men insane as she sits on their chest. Their eyeballs explode blood as they cannot scream while suffocating.

She makes a key appearence in Oberon Destroyers: Meeting of Evil Doers (issue 5) (free PDF on this site) and ACT II: Siege of Sacramento (issues 8-10), when the villains strike Oberon HQ.



OBERON ROGUES GALLERY (The White Hood and The Yellow Gas)


Click to enlarge. I use a color names scheme that is three parts Japanese, one part pulp era stories, and one part golden age comics. Kirby’s The Red Ghost is an old favorite. I could never top three gorillas, each with their own super power. Kirby was amazing. I hear his Hijacker will be in a Marvel Movie. They’ll probably screw up the outfit. Just do Kirby!!!

I also seem to be channeling a lot of Steve Ditko too, unintentionally. I grew up drawing Ditko and Kirby. You can see it all over Issue 5 – Meeting of Evil Doers.  These villains will be featured in upcoming issues, when there will be a lot more action. Fight! Fight! Ninja and The White Hood!!! More updates soon.

Click to Enlarge:

whitehood&yellowgas copy


Oberon Destroyers Design (Unfinished from the Sketchbook)

I did this about three years ago with characters I designed over five years ago. I ended up working more on stories that go, rather than pictures that sit. The three villains are now featured in Meeting of Evil Doers. VIllains Die Angry



Sample pages from OBERON DESTROYERS: MEETING OF EVIL DOERS (issue 5 of 12), A comedy of Douchebags. Pages 5, 10, 11, 12 and 17 with Dialogue.

(click to enlarge)

OBDES_FNLissue5page5OBDES_FNLissue5page7 OBDES_FNLissue5page10OBDES_FNLissue5page11 OBDES_FNLissue5page12 OBDES_FNLissue5page17

This link for the full issue, free PDF:

OBERON DESTROYERS – Issue 5 – Meeting of Evil Doers (FREE PDF)

Just finished — 20 pages, issue 5 of 12.
This one focuses on the EVIL DOERS, in full color.


WARNING – Contains Violence
WARNING – Contains Foul Language
WARNING – May Contain Humor



OBERON DESTROYERS, Meeting of Evil Doers (Cover)

UPDATE 2/3’s of the pages are drawn in pencil, and need ink and color.
UPDATE – Inks and colors are mostly done, pages w/bonus pinups of EVIL DOERS ready to be scanned in a few days. This week I do final finishing and word balloons on the computer.

WARNING – May contain foul language
WARNING – May contain bloody violence
WARNING – May contain dark and inappropriate humor

GENESIS (behind the scenes/bonus track)
I had the idea for this 15 years ago when I lived in Tokyo. I had a blazing vision of 12 villains meeting in secret, dressed like a good pulp magazine circa 1933. I was reading a lot of the original Maxwell Grant Shadow stories published in the 30s, and reading a ton of interwar history (1919-1939), including true crime and gangster history. This was my first foray into actually constructing a story with scenes and beats, and I had no idea what I was doing. That failed attempt sent me on a course to self educate on script writing, story beats, character arcs, natural dialog, and then the humor just came naturally.

I worked hard on improving my drawing from a craft perspective. The real personal breakthrough on my writing was a script I wrote for something totally different in 2011. For over a decade I made dolls, and still have them. I ran my own website/online porfolio. And each year I thought about what made my evil doer meeting scene not work, and wrote more backstory on the individual evil doers, which is kind of the point. Then I found what was wrong, and where they could fit very well – Oberon Destroyers, my brand new project I started in 2012.

I am very proud of this issue –  its my writing, design, and figure work all pulling at the same harness and telling an entertaining story. 15 years later. Bwhahahahahah!!!
It’s like my Saturn Returns as an artist, but as usual, I am running a little late.



FInd the finished issue HERE

Oberon Destroyers Rogues Gallery: THE DEVIL DOG

Rogue’s Gallery: The Devil Dog
Appearing in a few weeks in Meeting of Evil Doers (20 pages).


Satanic Deadbeat Dad of 666 Demonic Puppies Bound for Doom



  1. Ate his first owner twice: scarfed him, barfed him, and ate him again.
  2. Jumps onto the furniture without permission. Just that. It’s horrible.
  3. Makes humans beg for food (after kicking them off the furniture).
  4. Poops and Pees in inappropriate places, like the Grand Conference Room on the Black Curtain’s submarine, which is expensive to clean.
  5. Walks around like he owns the joint:
    If he marks your territory, then you are now homeless.
  6. He’s actually a very smart boy, aren’t ya boy? (snarl, bite bite bite, scarf, barf…).
  7. Chief Oracle of Satan’s Sleeping Sphere at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Satan’s Yellow Paw, Satan’s Agent, spoils Devil Dog. They are tight, share minions, eat humans, and sometimes go on a walk together.
  8. Oh What a Evil Boy!!!!

Rough pencils from the next issue of Oberon Destroyers: Meeting of Evil Doers, A Comedy of Douchebags (20 pages).

Devil Dog attends the meeting and sits on the furniture. We find out about the grand plan to displace humans. I have completed 12 pages of rough pencils, just 8 more to go, then inks, colors, word balloons and upload. The first draft of the script was written a year ago, but I recently gave it a major overhaul to give it an extra layer of humor and horror. Soon! Just a couple of weeks…



Look into the Eyes of Devil Dog: Just Like Sweetheart Candy