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JSA 1938: Blue Massacre in Gotham City (Pulp Story)

JSA 1938: Blue Massacre, the story of the Mystery Men that formed the first JSA in 1938, set in Gotham City. I do not own the copyrights to these characters, so these materials are NOT FOR SALE (fair use). DC has also been throwing away its Golden Age inventory, showing no intent to keep publishing. So, I thought I would show DC how to use their Golden Age inventory in a fresh, inventive and fun manner (FOR FREE!!). The final story is a 50 page pulp story that tells the story with words rather than pictures, and a few illustrations. See below for Synopsis.

First draft of part one (25 pages) is pretty tight. Could be done after this weekend. Part 2 is also mostly written. I just have to fix some pages and write the final battle (already plotted out). I just saw my income situation get some help, and my health is better. So, I hope to be posting a LOT more. The past few months has been difficult, but I did produce a lot. I am sitting on a lot of stuff that needs just a final polish and scan.

Should be a lot of stuff posted in this space coming up real soon. Enjoy! -Brian



JSA 1938: Blue Massacre in Gotham City.


In 1938 Doctor Satan opened a supernatural gate and summoned a horrible and deadly monster in the middle of a titanic hurricane.

All over Gotham City, police officers are brutally slaughtered by a monster from the occult world, who crossed over to our side by black magic. The creature targets coppers and raises ghosts to testify. All of these officers had a secret to hide, except Detective Jim Corrigan, victim number one. The Gotham City Police are hopeless as the union muzzles everyone. They were unprepared for a blue massacre by a howling spectre, and blood on the walls. Over four dozen police could die in a fortnight, when the harvesting moon will take the sky without shadow. Solomon Grundy has risen from the swamp, and and the man holding his leash is Doctor Satan, master of walking corpses.

A circle of anonymous vigilantes gathers to face the approaching storm. They form a circle of virtuous men, working in the shadows. The mysterious  Sandman runs the opposition to Doctor Satan and the Spectral Creature. Female adventurer the Black Fury and her partner, the Green Lantern join the group as new members. Carter Hall, international adventurer brings the weapons as quartermaster, and Doctor Fate lends his strength as a sorcerer.

JSA 1938 – is a period correct look at the Golden Age comics and Pulp stories of the time. I have applied my graduate degree in Interwar History (1918 to 1941) and a lot research to create an exploration of the Depression Era, just before Pearl Harbor.










(UPDATE) TAKE DOWN: Quiet Ninja Strikes Enemy Base (Action Issue)

UPDATE, SUNDAY PM – Scanning now. In the next 12 hours.

UPDATE, WEDNESDAY, January 28, 2015 THREE PAGES – Pencil and ink complete. I’m now brusing in graytones, two of three pages complete. Take Down, Part One of Twelve, to be posted (I hope) by Sunday night.

UPDATE – JANUARY 23 – 2015 I just did the breakdowns for the first two pages of the next issue of Oberon Destroyers. I drew about half of it, but that was two years ago and I’m starting fresh with what I’ve learned since then. The story is the same, but the flow of the art will be much better. This issue was one of the first I plotted when I created the Quiet Ninja two years ago. I will be posting it 2-4 pages at a time, hopefully each week, like a Sunday Comics old fashioned serial adventure, To Be Continued at the end of each part.

This will not be a series of clever interludes and character studies. This will be one complete story about an attack on an enemy base by one lone wolf ninja, told in 12 parts, about 2-4 pages each “episode.” It will be mostly action without much dialogue (lots of quiet action with the quiet ninja), but it does introduce a lot of new information. It will also get extremely bloody. This could be when I lose my G rating. First episode in one week, new revelations included. Until then….

Cover to issue 6 of Oberon Destroyers
Cover to issue 6 of Oberon Destroyers

Oberon Destroyers: The Quiet Ninja (23rd of the House of Ugamoto)

(NEW) DOCTOR SATAN – TERROR TRAIN (short story) 14 pages

The Mask of Doctor Satan – Terror Train (short story/new pulp action) 14 pages.




Microsoft Word - DRSATANp1trainterrorFNL.docx

The Mask of Doctor Satan – Terror Train (short story/new pulp action) 14 pages.



The Mask of Doctor Satan (Short Story Illustrations)

The five leads of the Mask of Doctor Satan. Total story length in text – 50 pages. Released in three parts, with cliffhangers.  The first part will be soon. Very soon… I have finished the first twenty pages, which not needs final checks and edits. I am very methodical. I have an excellent idea of who these men are. But as they say, no spoilers.

These are the five protagonists. I like an ensemble piece. Set in 1938.
Click to enlarge picture (1000 pixels wide)

FIve Against Satan in

The Mask of Doctor Satan (short story illustrations)

I will be uploading all day today… about a dozen images. These are for a fifty page short story to be released in three parts over starting in a couple of weeks. Come back later for more details, or please see several posts in this archives!





Miss Fury Liberated, 1939 – Page 3 of 3

New Miss Fury Liberated, 1939. The silent page! The next Miss Fury Page may take a few months, as I have to pick up other neglected titles and roll out some fun new stuff.
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Page three and last chapter of part one.
Page three and last chapter of part one.

If anyone wants to see more Miss Fury Liberated 1939, then they better got to Contact and send me a message. Feedback will always get me interested in doing more of a particular title. My current project is the same era as Miss Fury (1939 vs. 1938) so check back for that information , to be posted in one week. It’s a pulse pounding pulp story called “Three Against Satan.” Soon!

OBERON ROGUES GALLERY (The White Hood and The Yellow Gas)


Click to enlarge. I use a color names scheme that is three parts Japanese, one part pulp era stories, and one part golden age comics. Kirby’s The Red Ghost is an old favorite. I could never top three gorillas, each with their own super power. Kirby was amazing. I hear his Hijacker will be in a Marvel Movie. They’ll probably screw up the outfit. Just do Kirby!!!

I also seem to be channeling a lot of Steve Ditko too, unintentionally. I grew up drawing Ditko and Kirby. You can see it all over Issue 5 – Meeting of Evil Doers.  These villains will be featured in upcoming issues, when there will be a lot more action. Fight! Fight! Ninja and The White Hood!!! More updates soon.

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whitehood&yellowgas copy


Oberon Destroyers Rogues Gallery: The Green Mist

Oberon Destroyers Rogues Gallery
Next Issue: Meeting of Evil Doers: A Comedy of Douchebags, featuring the Rogues Gallery.
Look for it in a few weeks. These are the ones that get me into trouble. The Bad Dudes.

More Rogues to follow in the next few days.

The Green Mist: Straight When Sober

Oberon Destroyers Webcomic (07) Message from the Enemy (1 page)

Warning: May Contain Humor

Next issue is Oberon Destroyers: Meeting of Evil Doers (in one month), so here is a taste. Princess Spider looms large in that one too.