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(NEW) Takedown Part Six – Showdown with the Reptile (7 pages)

Here is the latest installment of Takedown, part six, Issue Six of Oberon Destroyers. It feels like I have been writing and designing this for three years, becasue I have. You can catch up on the story here on the page collecting all the chapters.

This is the final showdown. After this, there is one more chapter (seven) and one epilogue. Then I move on to Issue Seven, that gathers the entire team in once place.







You can find the story (26 pages, up to part 5) here on this page (Free) Issue 6 – TakeDown

Cover is a tribute to all the old cover artists of the Shadow by Maxwell Grant and others in pulp magazines of the 1930, which somehow works with the Japanese ad copy. I also surprised myself with all the Kaluta and Wrightston style touches. I first encountered their Shadow when I was eight (40 years ago). I loved their horror style on the Shadow, mixed with crime drama and pulp heroics.

Five chapters have already been completed (26 pages so far). Three more chapters left – I have been telling the story in a series of 4-8 page installments. I created a new page to group the entire story in one place for easy viewing. Please see here.

The Quiet Ninja is Japan’s Greatest Ninja and a key player in the secret Occult Wars. He is puritanical in his desire to destroy occult villains that seek to gain the upper hand against humans through sorcery and hocus pocus (see previous issues). His family has been on the frontline of this war for 2000 years. This issue is all action, and gets pretty bloody. Most of the story is silent action sequences with little or no dialogue.


(NEW) Japanese Holiday (New Years) Holiday Epic (Ninja History)

Every New Years, NHK produces and broadcasts a lush budget historical epic. I lived over there 14 years, so I remember some good ones. So, this is a bit of a re-broadcast, but it adds a lot more texture to my Ninja character, soon to be in a meeting with Joey and Prince Crow. 

OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg01_FNL  OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg02_FNLOBDES_TalesofNinja_pg03_FNLOBDES_TalesofNinja_pg04_FNLOBDES_TalesofNinja_pg05_FNLOBDES_TalesofNinja_pg06_FNL OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg07_FNLOBDES_TalesofNinja_pg08_FNL  OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg09_FNLOBDES_TalesofNinja_pg10_FNL

(NEW) Prince Crow: First Days on Earth (PREVIEW PAGES)

Preview Pages for Prince Crow: First Days on Earth. 5 pages when complete, just page and a half to go. Script already written.

PrinceCrow2_page1 PrinceCrow2_page2 PrinceCrow2_page3

Document Dump One – Story Guide for Oberon Destroyers (one page)


Oberon Destroyers, in three acts, © Brian McNally (see Legal page).



ACT ONE: Trouble on the Horizon

Issue One
Enter: Three Heroes (63 pages)
Provides an extended look into the lives of the Quiet Ninja, Joey/Aomra, and Prince Crow, as they prepare to join the team formed by D.Ops Clark Savage of the Office of Naval Intelligence. Goes from girlfriend issues to demon hunting, and what happens when a visitor from another world becomes homeless in our mean streets. 


Issue Two
JUMP TEST: The Private Life of Joey O’Toole (25 pages)

The full story on Joey’s secret job involving a mysterious, ancient, humanoid vehicle that dropped from outer space.  Two words: “weird interface.” How does Joey do it? A story of courage. And an ordinary everyman who has all the power in his hands.

What I'm Working On Now.
Issue Three 

Secret History of Ninja (part 2):

“Until I Understand Right and Wrong in my Own Heart.” (23 pages)
It isn’t being Japan’s Greatest Ninja – an origin tale. Tells the story of his greatest darkness, when a personal slump threatened to upend everything our hero has been working to achieve. Guest starring Japan’s greatest rock artist, in a journey to find one’s authentic self, on  a beach at night in Kamakura. Shonan at night with a Bosatsu of Rock and Roll.


Issue Four
Meeting of Evil Doers (23 pages)
The enemy meets in a submarine to assess the threat of these new Oberon Destroyer kids. Ha! They cover the banality of evil, act like corrupt douchebags, go off topic, and interrupt each other. Apparently, it’s a comedy. Go Figure! The real threat hides behind Chairman Paw, so Beware the Black Curtain! Warning: Contains humor, unnecessary violence, and egregious douchebags.


Issue Five
Take Down (ALL ACTION ISSUE) (40 pages)

Can one ninja destroy a large, enemy base in Alaska, all by himself?  Watch how he does it as the Quiet Ninja goes to work. Bonus – Ninja finally calls home to the family in Shimane, and secrets are revealed as another veil is pulled back. “Oh that sister, blah blah blah!”

Issue Six
Meeting at Midnight (30 pages)

Finally the team comes together to meet for the first time, all three in one room – The Quiet Ninja simmering, Joey snarking, and Prince Crow trying to be invisible without that particular power set – Quips Ahoy! It’s a Team Book! Meanwhile back in the submarine, the enemy plans their first strike – the Siege of Sacramento looms in Act Two. In the epilogue, we also learn the true face of the Quiet Ninja, lost in the fine print, but a big surprise nonetheless.


Seige of Sacramento  – ALL BIG ACTION, 5 ISSUES
The Oberon Destroyer team, all three, swing into coordinated action to stop a attack on Sacramento that threatens to burn the city down, and the clock is ticking. The enemy weapon revealed. Thugs with supernatural powers. Agents of the Martian Horde and their long range Martian bomber. All action issues in one big story.

High School Grrrrrrl Daze (ALL High School ISSUE)
The enemy posts extremely private information on Joey and Ninja in a very public place on the Internet. Outed? Flashbacks to those old school daze ensue, from Sacramento, California to Ugamachi HIgh, Shimane, Japan. Will the team survive this dirty sneak attack by the enemy, and the scars they still carry from childhood?

Story © Brian McNally, all rights reserved, registered and archived with the Writers Guild of America (w).

Oberon Destroyers, First Issue

Oberon Destroyers, First Issue

Version 2 Cover for the sixty five page first issue, advance copies going out in the mail tomorrow to a select list of readers. More details in the next few days.

UPDATE (1.19.14) This issue now being prepped for scanning and online distribution. Posted and ready ot go by early March when I go to Wizard World Sacramento.