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(REPRINT) The Mask of Doctor Satan, Guest Starring Harry Houdini, Part ONE, Free PDF

One year later, and this is still the most popular feature on my site. I did this one feverish month in Autumn, 2014, in a tailspin of inspriation. Dr. Satan is a Paul Ernst concoction, now in the public domain. I stuck to the spirit of Ernst’s creatioin, but when in a much more “thrill packed” direction. Enjoy. Just 14 pages. Comments and Likes would inspire me to continue the tale. Guest starring Harry Houdini. Click on Link for Free PDF. All text with a few illustrations. 


 DoctorSatan02 DoctorSatanROBOT01 LIBRARYCAST01

The Mask of Doctor Satan (Short Story Illustrations)

The five leads of the Mask of Doctor Satan. Total story length in text – 50 pages. Released in three parts, with cliffhangers.  The first part will be soon. Very soon… I have finished the first twenty pages, which not needs final checks and edits. I am very methodical. I have an excellent idea of who these men are. But as they say, no spoilers.

These are the five protagonists. I like an ensemble piece. Set in 1938.
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FIve Against Satan in