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Tarpe vs. Brian: Miss Fury Side by Side

Side by Side Comparison of my work with Tarpe Mills,
(Her original strip for Sunday Newspapers is now public domain).

I would say its pretty much 50/50 Mills/Brian on story, style, same vs. different panels. As you can see the story veers off in a quite a different direction (before coming back around, lots of fun turns), and the dialog is a lot more me than Mills. Mills is known as a brilliant storyteller but also a writer of clunkly dialog common to most comic writers of the time. I gave the dialog a much hipper, charming edge that matches the rest of what she did, restoring her spirit to the words. It’s really about what comes after page one…. I love Mill’s Miss Fury, and true love is a 50/50 propostion!!

 that appeared in the Sunday papers. These are black and white versions of the originals in color. Left to right. Original (like mine) was done on a 12 panel grid.
These pages were formated for reprint by Timely Comics later in the 40s and 50s.

Brian’s Version of MISS FURY, Same Page (MISS FURY: LIBERATED, 1939)
50/50 her and me. I think of Tarpe MIlls as my teacher. Female form and style, design, and oh those Clothes!! Taste of the era of great taste! Best stuff yet to come. For atmosphere, I used gray to suggest an old movie from the period. I just saw “Mad Love.” My dialog is rather Ernst Lubitsch (?) – hip, style, fresh, fun, but suddenly serious at times. Love the light and shadows of those films, like this:
click to enlarge. Its 11×17 or 1000 pixels wide, about 1.5 MB.



New One Page Adventure Webcomic – MISS FURY: LIBERATED 1939 (Bi-weekly, page one)

It’s all explained on the page. Actual coherent story with art. Just One Page.

Click to enlarge and read. Original is 11×17 printed, or 22×32 inches.
On your screen, 1000 pixels wide at 72dpi. She’s big. Wonderful detail.


Wizard World Sacramento 2014 (Field Report)


And that’s a wrap – My first comics convention as an exhibitor.

There weren’t too many scrappy underground type comic artists in Artist Alley, so I guess that was me. There were creators just beginning new projects, with their own books to launch, completely self-financed or funded by Indie Go-Go or Kickstarter. Most struggling creators in this industry invest a sizable amount of money in presentation and high quality production standards and it shows. Updates on their work later this week.

Sacramento Love Story:
Comic Con 4 204

They sold out Saturday and Sunday – about 10,000 people. The local news stations all sent cameras with reporters (costly!) so the event got a ton of positive attention. The crowd was friendly, polite, and in great spirits. My neighbor artists with their own tables were also friendly and helpful. Interesting people – I hope to link to their sites this weeks. The crowds got pretty packed in tight, but the great volunteers and everyone there kept it friendly and polite. When people like Stan Lee, Norma  Reedus, Chris Hemsworth, or William Shatner walked in the hall, the crowd went crazy.

About 10 people walked past my table in Artists Alley every five minutes.We gave out about 800 fliers with this web address, letting people know that issue one and two (about 50 pages) are available here at this web address for free (see archive for last week). I sold all the copies I brought (about 80 copies, each one 25 pages).  I think I talked to about a hundred people or more. It was fun but one feels haggard by the end of day two. My assistants/interns Steven and Justise were extremely helpful. I could not have pulled this off without them. We even met some local student journalists, and all kinds of people from up and down California that came into town for the fun. And it was a really upbeat, sweet crowd. 


The crowd was mostly young people and young families, multicultural, working class, with lots of dads and sons having a great time together. This was not an affluent person’s event – ticket cost and merch was very affordable. Anything that cost $45 had to be extremely well worth it. The cosplayers ranged from excellent and paid to be there, to pretty good for an amateur. Many joined in, and came dressed up. There were tons of young people there in anime and Dr. Who outfits as well. I think I saw about a half dozen red fez hats.


The classic, George Perez Teen Titan group got my vote for best, but it was tough competition. It took me a couple of looks to realize it was Asian group. They looked great, earning mega style points from me for presentation and overall look.

Back Camera

Local Coverage of the Convention, with a focus on Cosplayers – includes video.

Thank You Sacramento!!