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Miss Fury, Oberon Destroyers Update

UPDATE – Miss Fury Page 3 is imminent – to be posted by 10pm PST today (Friday)

Miss Fury Liberated, 1939 – Page 3
is running a couple of days late (Thursday or Friday). It looks great, pencils all done, just needs inks and grays. Page three will bring Marla Drake, aka Miss Fury, to the end of one night’s adventure. After that, I have to spend more time on ther projects as its just me here in the studio.


Oberon Destroyers gets attention next. Joey and Kentaro‘s conversations, and the next issue, Take Down, an All Ninja, All Action issue.

Cover to issue 6 of Oberon Destroyers
Cover to issue 6 of Oberon Destroyers



I am now developing a original short story/pulp novel of just 50 pages, like pulp stories in Black Mask Magazine and others back in the old days. I have wanted to do this for a few years, but the drawing has taken up all my time.  I am looking for more vehicles for my fiction writing, (and inkers and assistants!). This project will allow me to turn out a lot more volume and fun stories at a better pace.

There will be abundant illustrations, but it will be a bloody inappropriate prose, or text only story with a few squences done in silent comic style. Dashiell Hammet writes the Shadow, something like that. It will mostly detail the adventures of the first group of occult operatives in 1938 including the villains in Meeting of Evil Doers, but back in the day, when they were young and fresh and full of promise.  And lots of fist fights, occult machines,  and gun play. Tarantino in 1938 with weird occult on top. Something like that, LOL.

I could start posting chapters within a few weeks. Check back for more!

If you have any comments or questions, please send an email to wallykhanofmars@yahoo.com
Sadly, I do not have time to egage in extended correspondence (I should be inking Miss Fury!), but I do get a lot from honest comments, especially when people tell me what interests them. I am very interested in my many international visitors. If you want to see Miss Fury or Oberon Destroyers more often, let me know!