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The Robot lumbers in a rambling house in Bookertown, New Jersey, a black township, founded on the ideals of Booker T. Washington. The original owner, Lionel Grimes,  suffered a terrible tragedy at the hands of the current owner, the Doctor Satan Shell Company.  The all white county police force stay away from Bookertown, and did not lift a finger to help poor Lionel and his family that night. It was horrible.

The first floor of the large victorian was converted by its mysterious owners into an eatery called, “Amityville Restaurant.” The locals  despise and shun the palce. The dining room feels like a dead quiet funeral for an unpopular man.  Bookertown locals call it, “world’s worst chicken.” Most Bookertown residents avoid the house  because the memory of what consumed the Grimes family still disturbs their minds. Some claim to have seen zombies in the windows, and most agree the one waiter on duty in the dining room, a blind man,  is a zombie. His eyes are white, and he rarely speaks. You never knwo what’s happening with your order.

And up above the unmistakable sound of thump, thump, thump.

Iron clad feet walking slowly.

The robot runs with the zombies, haunting the house in Bookertown, one hour outside NYC.  Wait, real zombies? With a robot? Is it a man in a suit? Exo Tin Can Suit? Is it a Borg like hive mind in a tin can ripped off from the Tin Man? Is this some scoobie do thing, rip off the mask of the ghost to reveal the gardener,  “If it hadn’t been for your kids…!” Oh I don’t know. I mean I do know but, hey, where was I? A-Ha. Plotted out to 50 pages.

And that’s end of ACT 2 spoilers. See  Opening Act Here – DOCTOR SATAN: PART 1 – TERROR TRAIN 14 page PDF