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The Longer Version, with details:
“Oberon Destroyers: A Tale of Three Heroes” is about a team of ordinary but exceptional young men recruited by the Office of Naval Intelligence to square off against evil conspiracies threatening the laws of science and physics with black magic and quasi science.


The Three Heroes are: 
Japan’s Greatest Ninja with a 2000 year lineage and family trouble; a Sacramento local boy and test pilot of a Giant Thing from Outer Space; and homeless Prince Crow of Crow World. The story traces the protagonists journey to find a more authentic self, overcoming obstacles with sense of virtue in action that has universal applications.  They also defeat evil and destroy the monsters. WARNING: MAY CONTAIN HUMOR.

aaaaand Oberon Destroyers is a team book, quips ahoy!

WARNING – May Contain Humor

Oberon Destroyers: The Quiet Ninja (23rd of the House of Ugamoto)

The 23rd QUIET NINJA  Japan’s greatest ninja, therefore the world, and His Imperial Majesty’s number one demon slayer and destroyer of those cheating science and free will with hocus pocus. Trained to be the epitome of human perfectibility, he’s a lone wolf with all business, all the time attitude. He hides a secret history. But who is he under the mask? Only a dead rock and roll god and his family know his true heart. He is not a team player, unless he runs the operation, and can be old fashioned, coming from a  small town  in the country far from anything but rice fields. He feels very strongly about the mission.

Two Page Spread – The Ninja on “Why the Enemy is Evil.” 


God of Rock and Roll:



Oberon Destroyers / Prince Crow (2 page intro)

Prince Crow bailed on Crow World and came to our planet with the Ginger Phamtom. As it all happened quite suddenly and Ginger bailed, Prince Crow was under prepared for Earth and became homeless. He does OK. He used his great mental powers to read the minds of humans, but he didn’t like what he saw there. He’s a slacker with not much affinity for the whole concept of mind control. He wants to walk a virtuous path, but he’s not sure what that is, so he watches and waits. He would rather be an honest man than use his gifts to become wealthy and powerful. He has an evil twin, produced by the time warp distortion resulting from Ginger and Prince Crow’s earth entry by time warp, i.e. occult science.  This is why Prince Crow likes to hew to a simple existence. 

(left to right – Ninja, Joey, and Prince Crow)

 JOEY O’TOOLE Unemployed graduate student, serial monogamist, SacTown Loverboy and human test pilot of a weird alien artifact, torn up and frustrated that he has to find a new girlfriend with all this other really weird stuff going on. He’s from those houses just east of Freeport near CKM. He’s now trapped in the Project Oberon Headquarters in Placerville, at the center of secret tests of a giant humanoid vehicle. Which is not something you want to talk about with a girl.  Penny, his new potential gf, works at the project, so maybe it’ll be OK. An everyman, he just wants to do the right thing. He tries not to back seat drive, too much. Why does Aomra, the thing that dropped from outer space, only want to meld with him? Yeah, one step at a time.


STORY GUIDE (issue by issue)

ACT ONE: Trouble on the Horizon Issue One Enter: Three Heroes (63 pages)
Provides an extended look into the lives of the Quiet Ninja, Joey/Aomra, and Prince Crow, as they prepare to join the team formed by D.Ops Clark Savage of the Office of Naval Intelligence. Goes from girlfriend issues to demon hunting, and what happens when a visitor from another world becomes homeless in our mean streets.

JUMP TEST: The Private Life of Joey O’Toole (25 pages) The full story on Joey’s secret job involving a mysterious, ancient, humanoid vehicle that dropped from outer space.  Two words: “weird interface.” How does Joey do it? A story of courage. And an ordinary everyman who has all the power in his hands.

Meeting of Evil Doers (23 pages)  The enemy meets in a submarine to assess the threat of these new Oberon Destroyer kids. Ha! They cover the banality of evil, act like corrupt douchebags, go off topic, and interrupt each other. Apparently, it’s a comedy. Go Figure! The real threat hides behind Chairman Paw, so Beware the Black Curtain! Warning: Contains humor, unnecessary violence, and egregious douchebags.  Issue Five Half done, needs  revisions. Look for it in June, 2014)

Take Down (ALL ACTION ISSUE) (40 pages) Can one ninja destroy a large, enemy base in Alaska, all by himself?  Watch how he does it as the Quiet Ninja goes to work, in a mostly silent issue. Bonus – Ninja finally calls home to the family in Shimane, and secrets are revealed as another veil is pulled back. 
Issue Six Planned for September, 2014Meeting at Midnight (30 pages)
Finally the team comes together to meet for the first time, all three in one room – The Quiet Ninja simmering, Joey snarking, and Prince Crow trying to be invisible without that particular power set – Quips Ahoy! It’s a Team Book! Meanwhile back in the submarine, the enemy plans their first strike – the Siege of Sacramento looms in Act Two. In the epilogue, we also learn the true face of the Quiet Ninja, lost in the fine print, but a big surprise nonetheless.
ACT TWO (Begins Winter, 2014) Seige of Sacramento  – ALL BIG ACTION, 5 ISSUES  The Oberon Destroyer team, all three, swing into coordinated action to stop a attack on Sacramento that threatens to burn the city down, and the clock is ticking. The enemy weapon revealed. Thugs with supernatural powers. Agents of the Martian Horde and their long range Martian bomber. All action issues in one big story.
ACT THREE: (Back to School Issue, Spring, 2015, issue 11 and 12)) High School Grrrrrrl Daze (High School Hell) The enemy posts extremely private information on Joey and Ninja in a very public place on the Internet. Outed? Flashbacks to those old school daze ensue, from Sacramento, California to Ugamachi HIgh, Shimane, Japan. Will the team survive this dirty sneak attack by the enemy, and the scars they still carry from childhood?
Story and Art © Brian McNally, all rights reserved, registered and archived with the Writers Guild of America (w).


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