Rogues Gallery

These are the Rogues appearing in Oberon Destroyers, starting from issue 5, Meeting of Evil Doers. And each and every one has their own little personality, bwa-ha-ha!

Satan’s Yellow Paw, Chairman of the Committee of Warlords, Black Curtain Syndicate. Rumored to be the Black Curtain’s Sock Puppet. He seems rather bored with it all.

Click to enlarge.



Agent Deathray, Agents of the Martian Horde. See his plans to destroy Sacramento below. This panel is from issue 5, Meeting of Evil Doers.



Agent Deathray plans to destroy Sacramento, from Meeting of Evil Doers.




Page introducing the group:




Members of the Death Squad:

The Green Mist: Straight When Sober






Queen of the Red Web. Power player behind the scenes. Big boobs.




Devil Dog occupys a chair in Meeting of Evil Doers.



The Black Curtain’s Enforcement Squad:




Page from Meeting of Evil Doers when gun shots go off:OBDES_FNLissue5page11


King Squid, Japanese Rail Bandit


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