All material on this website is registered with the Writer’s Guild of America, to establish certified proof of the date it was published, in application for a U.S. trademark/copyright registered with the U.S. Patent Office. Any material on this website is © Brian McNally, all rights reserved unless otherwise noted.

All original characters, names, stories and art of Oberon Destroyers: A Tale of Three Heroes and all other work displayed here, unless otherwise noted,  is copyright © Brian McNally 2013 (WGAw Registration No. 1665680), All rights reserved. Reproduction of material on this website requires the permission of the author. The characters and incidents portrayed in Oberon Destroyers, Miss Fury Liberated 1939 or any other comic or story published on this site are entirely fictitious and any resemblance to the character or history of any actual person is coincidental and unintentional.

MISS FURY by Tarpe Mills (public domain)
Original Miss Fury by Tarpe Mills (story and art), appearing as a sunday newspaper strip in 1941-1944, and is now Public Domain.  Miss Fury: Liberated, 1939 is a derivative work, but  this interpretation and adaption for modern readers (story and art) is © Brian McNally, all rights reserved.  Anyone is entitled to make use of Tarpe Mill’s work in the public domain, but the version appearing on the Oberon Destroyers website may not be reproduced or used without the author’s permission.

Any resemblance to Dynamite’s version of Miss Fury is unintentional. Unlike Dynamite, this creator read the original material in the public domain, and hewed close to it. Dynamite’s published version of Miss Fury, and aspects of the character and storyline unique to the Dynamite version are owned by Dynamite, and they can keep it.

For further questions, please consult your attorney.

Miss Fury Liberated, 1939 © Brian McNally



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