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(NEW) TAKEDOWN Part 7 – Escape Velocity (7 pages)

This is the second to final chapter. To see the previous chapters, go to the Takedown Page Here.

Oberon Destroyers – Takedown – Part 7 featuring the Quiet Ninja XXIII. This is the last installment, except for one Epilogue – Dinner with the Family. I actually have two more stories in the pipeline (at least half drawn) so I am hoping I can unroll a goodly portion of pages by Christmas and the end of the year, including something that features Prince Crow, weird homeless traveler from another world. Oshogatsu Omedeto!!



(NEW) PRINCE CROW: First Days on Earth (Homeless Hero from Another World)

FINISHED!!! Prince Crow: First Days on Earth, a five page story on being a homeless alien. Prince Crow is one of the three Oberon Destroyers team members. This tells what he did before he joined the team, just after jumping into Earth Space at the end of Oberon Destroyers Issue #2.  At end of 2014 and start of 2015, this space continues to produce original and new stories and art that are actually better than you think!!


PrinceCrow2_FNLpage2 PrinceCrow2_FNLpage3 PrinceCrow2_FNLpage4 PrinceCrow2_FNLpage5

OBERON DESTROYERS: BEST OF 2014 – Devil Dog (Review)

It’s been a big year, and the advantage of being productive is that at the end of the year you have a pile of top ten picks. Let Me Stress: All these images are © 2014 Brian McNally, all rights reserved. No posting, copying, or selling without my permission. Just ask. I might say yes: is still the email for this site. All these images also, unless otherwise noted, are part of the same Oberon Destroyers world. See issue 5 for this puppy – Meeting of Evil Doers – A Comedy of Douchebags.


(NEW) Prince Crow: First Days on Earth (PREVIEW PAGES)

Preview Pages for Prince Crow: First Days on Earth. 5 pages when complete, just page and a half to go. Script already written.

PrinceCrow2_page1 PrinceCrow2_page2 PrinceCrow2_page3

(NEW) ANCIENT TALES of NINJA – A Secret History of Japan (COMPLETE) 10 pages

Finally. Finished despite health issues. 10 pages. ANCIENT TALES OF JAPAN: A SECRET OF JAPAN © Brian McNally, November 2014,  all rights reserved.
For 10 page PDF go here – OBDES_TalesofNinja_FNL
OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg01_FNL OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg02_FNL OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg03_FNL OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg04_FNL OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg05_FNL OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg06_FNL OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg07_FNL OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg08_FNL OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg09_FNL OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg10_FNL




Past issues (Act 1) can be found in the free sample section.
I also just posted a new two page webcomic with these characters here.

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The Quiet Ninja Explains – The Evils of the Enemy (click to enlarge)

Past issues One to Five (Act 1) can be found in the free sample section.
Issue 5, Meeting of Evil Doers (humor) can also be found  in the free sample section.