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(NEW) TAKEDOWN Part 7 – Escape Velocity (7 pages)

This is the second to final chapter. To see the previous chapters, go to the Takedown Page Here.

Oberon Destroyers – Takedown – Part 7 featuring the Quiet Ninja XXIII. This is the last installment, except for one Epilogue – Dinner with the Family. I actually have two more stories in the pipeline (at least half drawn) so I am hoping I can unroll a goodly portion of pages by Christmas and the end of the year, including something that features Prince Crow, weird homeless traveler from another world. Oshogatsu Omedeto!!



(Update) Takedown Part 7 – Escape Velocity (7 pages)

This installment is coming together very quickly. I just finished the pencils, and inking should go quickly. The keynote on this one is simplicity of presentation, and if possible a homage of Wally Wood inks, if I can manage it. Ink the lines and swash on a little light gray highlights, aaaaand its done. Probably in one week, just in time for Thanksgiving. The more color, the longer it takes. This one is going quick. After this installment (part seven) the only thing left to complete for issue Six is one epilogue, “Dinner with the Family.”

You can read past intallments of Takedown with Japan’s Greatest Ninja here for free on this page.

Oberon Destroyers: The Quiet Ninja (23rd of the House of Ugamoto)

(NEW) ANCIENT TALES of NINJA – A Secret History of Japan (COMPLETE) 10 pages

Finally. Finished despite health issues. 10 pages. ANCIENT TALES OF JAPAN: A SECRET OF JAPAN © Brian McNally, November 2014,  all rights reserved.
For 10 page PDF go here – OBDES_TalesofNinja_FNL
OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg01_FNL OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg02_FNL OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg03_FNL OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg04_FNL OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg05_FNL OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg06_FNL OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg07_FNL OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg08_FNL OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg09_FNL OBDES_TalesofNinja_pg10_FNL