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(NEW) TAKEDOWN Part 7 – Escape Velocity (7 pages)

This is the second to final chapter. To see the previous chapters, go to the Takedown Page Here.

Oberon Destroyers – Takedown – Part 7 featuring the Quiet Ninja XXIII. This is the last installment, except for one Epilogue – Dinner with the Family. I actually have two more stories in the pipeline (at least half drawn) so I am hoping I can unroll a goodly portion of pages by Christmas and the end of the year, including something that features Prince Crow, weird homeless traveler from another world. Oshogatsu Omedeto!!



(Update) Takedown Part 7 – Escape Velocity (7 pages)

This installment is coming together very quickly. I just finished the pencils, and inking should go quickly. The keynote on this one is simplicity of presentation, and if possible a homage of Wally Wood inks, if I can manage it. Ink the lines and swash on a little light gray highlights, aaaaand its done. Probably in one week, just in time for Thanksgiving. The more color, the longer it takes. This one is going quick. After this installment (part seven) the only thing left to complete for issue Six is one epilogue, “Dinner with the Family.”

You can read past intallments of Takedown with Japan’s Greatest Ninja here for free on this page.

Oberon Destroyers: The Quiet Ninja (23rd of the House of Ugamoto)

(NEW) Prince Crow: First Days on Earth (PREVIEW PAGES)

Preview Pages for Prince Crow: First Days on Earth. 5 pages when complete, just page and a half to go. Script already written.

PrinceCrow2_page1 PrinceCrow2_page2 PrinceCrow2_page3

(NEW) OBERON DESTROYERS WEBCOMIC: California Conversations (1) with Joey and Kentaro

ArchivesButton 01_KenJoey_page01_FNL_withtext 02_KenJoey_page02_FNL_withTXT ArchivesButton   These are previous installments in the Epid of Kentaro, wait, who is this guy? Two page humor webcomics, posted ten months ago. Click to enlarge for eaiser reading. Oberon Destroyers Bonus Feature 01 (complete scene @ 2 pages) Oberon Destroyers Bonus Feature (02) (complete scene @ 2 pages) Oberon Destroyers Bonus Feature (03) (complete scene @ 2 pages) Oberon Destroyers / Evil Doer WebComic (01)

whew. I actually threw the latest Kentaro and Joey pages together in five days, despite health issues, from a script I wrote right after the Sacramento Comic Con last March (2014). It does feel like me in Sacramento after returning from Japan after 14 years in Tokyo.  It’s also a welcome opportunity to spend some time with Kentaro and Joey, walking the dog. I love both these guys. WIth their funny English from different sides of the ocean. This is definitely in the HUMOR column. And yes, sometimes they really do talk like that in California! WARNING — all characters are in continuity with the Oberon Destroyers 12 issues series, in particular, issue 3 (JUMP TEST) I am a very intent filled plotter, so there are some big surprises coming soon, especially concerning Kentaro, Our Man From TEPCO, which may contain spoilers, so let’s keep it between you and me, OK? “Loose lips sink ships.” Previous webcomics featuring Ken, Joey and Agent Deathray posted below. Deathray – Red Herring or the enemy who walks among us? Click to enlarge, after the  advertisement.

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From Oberon Destroyers Issue 2, Featuring Joey O’Toole. It says something about why Joey was selected to pilot Aomra, the Black Megaton. but is anything you read on then internet true? Why do celestial beings come to earth? The result of all this can be seen in my last post, pages from Issue 3. OBDES_issue1page4 OBDES_issue1page5 OBDES_issue1page6 OBDES_issue1page7 OBDES_issue1page8 OBDES_issue1page9