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FINALLY: TALES OF WEIRD CRIME with Doctor Satan — FREE 30 pages of pulse pounding pulp story, part one. Welcome to the Golden Age.

Part One of Three – 30 pages. See PDF for all details. Part Two is getting edited for polish.




In 1938 Doctor Satan opens a supernatural gate and summons a horrible and deadly monster in the middle of a titanic hurricane. All over Gotham City, police officers are brutally slaughtered by a ghostly executioner from the other side, walking with young black men, now ghosts, that never had a chance to see justice done when they were alive.

Over a hundred police could die in a fortnight, in a wave of supernatural blowback. The death of Jim Corrigan is key, as he is the first officer to fall. His death launches Doctor Satan’s deadly plot to use a wrathful spectre of vengeance to decimate the Gotham PD.

A circle of anonymous vigilantes gathers to face the approaching storm, working in the shadows. The mysterious Sandman runs the opposition to Doctor Satan and his insidious plot. Female adventurer the Black Fury and her partner, the Green Lantern join the group as new members. Carter Hall, international adventurer, brings the weapons as quartermaster, and Doctor Fate lends his strength as a sorcerer.

And deep in the dark of the night, the Shadow laughs.

“When policemen break the law, then there isn’t any law. Just a fight for survival.” –From the ballad of Billy Jack





(new) BOY CRAZY: An Illustrated, Honest Memoir of a Troubled Teen in 1984, and the Top Ten Reasons I Survived High School (SAMPLE PAGES)

 Sample Pages for Booklet Now in Progress (20 pages). Thank you for being patient. This will be my first autobiographical work, but all my work comes from his place. I hope you enjoy and find it interesting. See bottom for NOTES on work.

FORWARD (first three paragraphs)

“I have a very problematic relationship with the men of McClatchy High School, Class of 1984. This subject is very difficult for me for reasons completely unrelated to the boys themselves. But I always feared being misunderstood, by these men in particular.

Like today, all men were trained to ferociously beat back any attempt to label them as gay with a fierce and angry denial. That system was in place long before we walked in the door, and gave them scars as well. That’s not their fault.

I was known, however, as a good judge of character. I was secretly boy crazy, and these guys were my top ten, for good reason. That was their fault. And they never got the send off from me they deserved.”



STATUS OF FINAL DRAFT: FIrst pass at the cover/spec cover (w/typo). About 30 pages. Everything is in the rough draft stage, but part one (my story) is pretty tight. Part Two (top ten) is 2/3 done and needs still needs more editing from an honest place. REVISED DEADLINE Finished in two weeks, posted to my site. I am also doing heavy graphic design with images from the yearbook, gimme a minute.


Spandau Ballet – True Depeche Mode – Question of Trust
10) Mr. Popular, reappraised. Song – Fame (irene cara or david bowie)
9) the Team Player – Song – What’s Your Name? Depeche Mode
8) Singapore – Song: “Get Thee Behind Me Satan” Ella Fitzgerald.
7) Mouse Sensei – Song – classic piece for Shakuhachi
6) Go Mifune (speed racer) – not pictured. Song – theme from Maha Go Go.
5) Punk Rock Jr. (may not remember me) Song – Only a Lad, Oingo Boingo
4) Harold and Kumar – Two guys. Song – I Want Candy “Bow Wow Wow”
3) Boyscout – sigh. Song: Precious Memories – Dolly Parton.
2) Dreamboat – sigh. Song: Don’t Dream It’s Over – Crowded House
1) Wiseacre – sign. Song: Jaws Theme Song, and Dazzle – Siouxsie and the Banshees

“Charges – Multiple Counts – Seduction of the Innocent, Inciting Homosexual Acts, these are serious charges, boys. There may be consequences. What do you have to say for yourselves?”

You can access all the songs on my youtube channel (public) here: