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Brian McNally was raised in Sacramento, but ran away to San Francisco to be a bohemian painter in 1988. In 1996 he moved back to Japan, and stayed this time for 13 years (he’s been speaking Japanese for over 20 years). In 2009, he moved back to Sacramento and produced a series of fundraisers for local charities (50-100 people in a Cafe, $10 at door but nobody turned away for lack of funds). The fundraisers featured original music and comedy acts from SF, Oakland, and Sacramento, and generous Sac audiences  showered everyone with applause.  (see events page).

(see below for contact information)


In 2012, Brian bought a house in Portland and set to work full time on his original graphic novel series for a general audience about Japan, America, and adventure stories set in the uber hip present, or in rather hip times just before WWII.  Moral choices that make a hero is a big theme, but from a buddhist view on things that stresses personal virtue over control.

Oberon Destroyers: The Quiet Ninja (23rd of the House of Ugamoto)

Influences include anime and manga classics, 60s Marvel epics (Kirby!!), Golden Age art, especially Caniff and Toth, and modern Indy authors like Gene Yang and Alison Bechdel. The style of Steve Ditko, much copied in his childhood, is popping out lately.

Oberon Destroyers Bonus Feature 01 (complete scene @ 2 pages)

2014 is also the year Brian jumped a major hurdle and survived a giant colon cancer tumor (after two years of illness). He attended Wizard World Sacramento as an exhibitor in his first official industry debut. He was greatly assisted by Wally Khan Studios interms, Justtise and Stephen Payan, that gave a lot of energy for free. They were great with the crowd. When helpful souls suggested new thing that he should do to improve the operation, his response was, “Well, I just finished chemotherapy. Gimme a minute.”

Contact:  wallykhanofmars@yahoo.com


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MARCH 7-9, 2014

Wizard World Sacramento, Artist’s Alley, all three days  (after party – TBA)
My Industry Debut with Oberon Destroyers, Issues 1-3 and more.

Sacramento Comic Con 2014

Back Camera(

Wizard World Convention
MARCH 7-8-9, 2014
Sacramento Convention Center
1400 J St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
Friday, March 7, 2014 – 3pm – 8pm
Saturday, March 8, 2014 – 10am – 7pm
Sunday, March 9, 2014 – 10am – 5pm



2012 – (Sacramento) Occupy Sacramento – Occupy Diveristy in Music

Joe Stevens Set:

Evan Greer Set:

Coyote Grace w/Joe Stevens (official site)
Evan Greer (official site)

2011 – (Sacramento) Hot Pink 2 Cool Blue, fundraiser for the Sac GHC, featuring original music and comedy by Just Morgan, Natasha Muse, Eli Conley and James Clark.


Eli Conley (music)
http://www.eliconley.com (includes videos of live shows)
Natasha Muse (comedy)

Eli Conley’s Encore at the end of the night. The loud gentlemen would be me.

2010 – (Sacramento) Hot Pink, Original music and comedy featuring David Hawkins, Simone Campbell, and Snack Time (Adhamh Roland and Koralie “Sugar” Hill).


Adhamh Roland (via Red Couch Project)

David Hawkins (music and comedy)

From Left to Right: James Clark, Natasha Muse, Eli Conley and Just Morgan.
2011 Spring – Sakura Green
(art from art exhibit to benefit victims of the tsunami)

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