(REQUEST) VIVE’LeFRANCE or God Save the Queen?: INFORMATION PLEASE (Eurozone Comic Conventions, Online Groups)

I am self produced, but I get a lot of visitors from France, the UK and the Euro Zone, about 1000 per 6 months. For 20 years, my art has appealed more to European tastes. I have no idea how to find and access these groups or conventions. I have no idea which convention in France, for example, is better for independent artists.

If you can, please drop any links to groups or conventions you know, in the comments box. You can also send an email with links and information to wallykhanofmars@yahoo.com. i would greatly apprecaite the help. Notes about groups or conventions is helpful. Corporate merchandised properties have captured an alarming share of the the U.S. Comics market, so any life jackets or rescue lines you can throw me would be much appreciated.

Vive Le France and God Save the Queen, can we do both?





Page three and last chapter of part one.
Page three and last chapter of part one.

Oberon Destroyers: The Quiet Ninja (23rd of the House of Ugamoto)


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