(NEW) contemplation PHOTO THURSDAY (accents)

Photos like these are like mandala to contemplate for ideas and inspiration when I get stuck. These are great for contemplation.

Don’t you think they make a lovely couple? Kurt and Frances Bean Cobain. Courtney must be very jealous.

My new dog Woofy and Me – (I just adopted a German Shepherd)

I was this kid’s age when i saw this movie. Sooooo cool. I wanted to be him, fangs and bars and everything.


This is a real thing – microscopic animal called a “Tardigrade.” Could be Earth’s first animal. Now that I look at him, I think I know that guy….tardigrade-electron-scanning-colorized

Just TOO much!!!

Cerebus, the Three Headed Dog that guarded the gates of Hades.

Be Bop High School! I was just marveling at the art for the John Lewis OGN “March,” about the Congressman’s history as a student protester during the civil right movement. It’s a hybrid style that takes many of the same cues as another hybrid artist I know. And I think it all goes back to the original manga version of Be Bop HIgh School. For some reason.

Look at those faces!! Wonderful, wonderful faces!!




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