(NEW) Preview Page – TAKE DOWN part 2 of 12

Still stuck on health issues, but soon. I  hope to be up to regular production speed by the end of March, when I finish my last big medical proceedure. Then I go crazy and my output here on this site will double, at least. Until then, I have to limp along on the Oregon Malpractice Health Plan, aka OHP. I have had an infection for 3 weeks, and that is no lie. If you’re in Oregon and need a doctor, drive to California.

here is some good stuff, that ain’t no malpractice. – This is page one of Take Down, part two (four pages). Completed – Pencils, inks, gray tones (brushes) all four pages, so just scan and paste the word balloons, which are already written. This one is in Japanese, with full subtitles in English. I would post all the pages without words but they have super sweet visual treat in them that loses its effect if posted out of order. Introduces Daisuke, the Ninja’s brother.




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