we now interrupt your regular programing.

WARNING – Enemy Celestial Spheres on the move and ready to attack at any time. If you are from a nation that visits this site regularly, your hometown is at risk of being destroyed by. What is a Celestial Sphere? See Photo:
Evil Doer Planning Session, feartuing Satan’s Yellow Paw, can be found in issue 5, Meeting of Evil Doers.

SPHERE_AOMRA_01pagesFor More Information

The Office of Naval Intelligence/Oberon Project has also identified nations that may have a Celestial Sphere hidden and managed by the evil Black Curtain Syndicate, ready to attack and destroy the nearest city at any time. Repeat, Spheres could open and attack at any time.

Image of Celestial Sphere from Joey O’Toole’s nightmare. Actual Spheres are 30-100 feet in diameter, or more. 

These are the nations at risk of having a sphere and/or frequent this site. These are comments by national leaders all over the world, at a time of crisis: 

“All the paintings in the Louvre were replaced with fakes to protect the originals. The Louvre is all fake now, and the French public in the Louvre has no idea. Je Suis Hey did this Titian always have a mustache?”


“Trying not to make a big deal about it, cuz, y’know …. time for the family meal.”

United States
“Alaska and Sacramento? Who made that choice? Let the States decide, as long as they pick up the bill. I would also like to say for the record that these jokes are still in progress, and blame for that tracks right back to the White House.”

United Kingdom
“The Prime Minister expressed his deep dismay that if such a horrible city were destroyed, Britain would lose a fine football team.”

Tour and Travel small business – “Perhaps now Portugal will be in the world headlines.”

“I’m just wondering if Perth or Sydney will be attacked, because it’s a long way to run to the other.”

“Oh what is it now?!!”

“SCREAMING Headline: Does Holy See Conceal Secret Sphere? Secret vatican source Deep Throat tells all.”


“What bad thing has Thailand ever done to anybody? Riiiiightt?? And if any bad person comes along, just take him for a night in old Patpong and and help him to chill out, ohhhhkaaaaay?”

Saudi Arabia
“What is a Celestial Sphere? How big is it? Can it be sold on the world energy market? Can we buy some more?”

Republic of Korea
Korea does not have a giant Sphere. Japan has two. Same old story, riiiiiiiight? North Korean TV Executive – “Can we broadcast a picture of a Celetial Sphere on TV? Nothing but Supreme Leader on the TV night after night and, wait, why are you pointing your guns at me?! YARRRGHGHGHGHH!!!”

Two Spheres are now held by TEPCO, so what could go wrong? Prime Minister Abe was eager to make a bold statement, but  the people from TEPCO have not called back yet. “What is a Celestial Sphere?”

If you hear a giangantic slither or step that is large enough to destroy a building with a push or a punch, then all residents are advised to evacuate to the closest safe location with nice weather. Act II Level of Threat is Orange to Red.

FInally, Three pages from Issue 3 that explains something. Is it a Celestial Sphere, or merely Coy?
These three pages are about Joey’s particular Sphere, from issue 3, JUMP TEST.


Thank you, and be careful out there.
We now return you to your regular programming….


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