(UPDATE) Oberon Destroyers – TAKE DOWN (part two) 4 pages

TAKE DOWN (part 2, 4 pages)
Four pages, one page finished. Script written (in Japanese with English subtitles) ready to be pasted. Three pages – pencils finished. Once I get my health back, I can finish this one in less than a week. Introduces the Ninja’s little brother – Daisuke. There is also a really action scene – jumping out of an airplane.

I’m hoping I can post some preview art in the next day or two. Once again, sorry for the delay.


This sums it up – I walk into my dentists office one week after an extraction, thinking its a follow up. I have a fever (infection), and pain. The dental assistant informs me I am there for dentures fitting, but the mold was sent to the wrong office. I am also told that I have no fever, I have no pain, and if I want a follow up (that they really don’t do) I should call again next week (when I still have a fever?) and book an appointment, even though nobody answers the phone. They don’t even call back my other doctors when they call, very concerned about my health. The dentist is paid by my insurance, which is the full coverage Oregon Health Plan. On this particular day, I walked in sick, nothing happened (shipped to wrong office) and I went home sick. This is the third time they have given me either dry socket or an infection due to willfull negligence and fought me when I sought simple treatment (antibiotics, adequate dressing of wound after extraction).

That is what I have been facing for three years due to Oregon’s health plan (such as it is). I thought I was almost at the end after cancer and long struggles to get simple medications for another condition that was diagnosed 20 years ago by doctors outside Portland. Oregon suffers a glut of sloppy, unprofessional people more than most places, but it also tolerates doctors playing the same games as slacker employees at a coffee house. Malpractice is epidemic in Oregon.

And instead of completing pages for you, I am stuck fighting (again) for basic health care needs, fully insured, for things like fevers and infections. I thought I was at the end of it (by March) but the malpractice keeps dragging on and on, to the point where my other doctors are very conserned. But they can’t get their call returned. Tomorrow I go to my General Practioner for antibiotics and more runaround.


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