(UPDATE) TAKE DOWN: Quiet Ninja Strikes Enemy Base (Action Issue)

UPDATE, SUNDAY PM – Scanning now. In the next 12 hours.

UPDATE, WEDNESDAY, January 28, 2015 THREE PAGES – Pencil and ink complete. I’m now brusing in graytones, two of three pages complete. Take Down, Part One of Twelve, to be posted (I hope) by Sunday night.

UPDATE – JANUARY 23 – 2015 I just did the breakdowns for the first two pages of the next issue of Oberon Destroyers. I drew about half of it, but that was two years ago and I’m starting fresh with what I’ve learned since then. The story is the same, but the flow of the art will be much better. This issue was one of the first I plotted when I created the Quiet Ninja two years ago. I will be posting it 2-4 pages at a time, hopefully each week, like a Sunday Comics old fashioned serial adventure, To Be Continued at the end of each part.

This will not be a series of clever interludes and character studies. This will be one complete story about an attack on an enemy base by one lone wolf ninja, told in 12 parts, about 2-4 pages each “episode.” It will be mostly action without much dialogue (lots of quiet action with the quiet ninja), but it does introduce a lot of new information. It will also get extremely bloody. This could be when I lose my G rating. First episode in one week, new revelations included. Until then….

Cover to issue 6 of Oberon Destroyers
Cover to issue 6 of Oberon Destroyers

Oberon Destroyers: The Quiet Ninja (23rd of the House of Ugamoto)


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