(NEW) JOEY and KEN – THE NINJA IN THE ROOM (4 pages, New Chapter)

New Four Pages, Joey and Ken at Oberon HQ in Placerville, they talk about the Ninja and go to lunch. A little humorous. To read more about the NInja, Ken’s adventures in Sacramento, odd alien visitor Prince Crow, and Joey’s giant, please see Free Sample in the PDF section while these issues are still free.

NOTE – This comic features a character from Japan who does not speak fluent or perfect English. His speech patterns are based on 7 years of observing approx. 7500 students in Japan. Margaret Cho at the Golden Globes was recently bullied by PC bogus “anti-colonialists” for portraying an Asian who does not speak perfect English, to a monolingual, monocultural audience that is phobic of foreign accents. So of course they need foreigners to speak perfect English? That is not colonialist, racist and xenophobic? That is the “progressive” view?

This is why I dumped Leftist politics and draw comics. Americans should travel first, then talk.  If you can put all that aside, and just enjoy the damn comic, Have at it!! I had fun, for its worth!  cheers, -b.
KenandJoeyPART2_FNLpage1 KenandJoeyPART2_FNLpage2 KenandJoeyPART2_FNLpage3 KenandJoeyPART2_FNLpage4 UPDATE – 01.16.15 WARNING – SHARED WORLD ALERT Except for stories taking place prior to 1940, all comics on this site are one big story. Everything matches up with everything else, so if you feel like you are missing some key information, feel free to dive into other issues for the answer. Characters are consistent from beginning to end, and these comics are not “stream of conciousness.” In “Joey and Ken,” they talk about the Quiet Ninja XXIII, because he will be joining the Project Oberon team two issues from now. You have free access to 5 issues and additional strips (about 150 pages) about the Oberon Destroyers right here on this site (Free Sample PDF and Webcomics), so you have a half of what you need to figure out the big mysterious reveal soon to come. The subtext of the dialogue is pregnant with clues. Actually, I have dropped major burning clues in plain sight in all the issues, that build to some pretty huge reveals in a few months. The Seige of Sacramento will occur. I put my three main characters in one room for the first time in issue 7 (next issue is 6). Most of the dialogue for issue 7 was written 2 years ago. I am adding new material to the story, but the plot, mission statement, character arcs, and overall game plan has not changed.


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