UPDATE – 1.19.15 11:20 PM – Pages are done, just need to paste word balloons. WIll post In 12 hours.

12FacesKENTARO01 UDATE – 01.16.15 Joey and Ken: The Ninja in the Room (4 pages) is almost finished. However, I am stuck waiting on a delivery of art supplies – brush pens for gray tones, to replace my 12 pen set (fancy art supplies, $50), that all went dry at the same time. Running Late. Tick Tock, Mr. Online delivery service. Should be posted on this site by Monday. I already inked and gray toned most of the four pages, but I am stuck needing two tones “in the mail” Script is edited and formatted. Should be quick once I have those pens. And it looks really good.

UPDATE – 01.16.15 WARNING – SHARED WORLD ALERT Except for stories taking place prior to 1940, all comics on this site are one big story. Everything matches up with everything else, so if you feel like you are missing some key information, feel free to dive into other issues for the answer. Characters are consistent from beginning to end, and these comics are not “stream of conciousness.” In “Joey and Ken,” they talk about the Quiet Ninja XXIII, because he will be joining the Project Oberon team two issues from now. You have free access to 5 issues and additional strips (about 150 pages) about the Oberon Destroyers right here on this site (Free Sample PDF and Webcomics), so you have a half of what you need to figure out the big mysterious reveal soon to come. The subtext of the dialogue is pregnant with clues. Actually, I have dropped major burning clues in plain sight in all the issues, that build to some pretty huge reveals in a few months. The Seige of Sacramento will occur. I put my three main characters in one room for the first time in issue 7 (next issue is 6). Most of the dialogue for issue 7 was written 2 years ago. I am adding new material to the story, but the plot, mission statement, character arcs, and overall game plan has not changed.

Enjoy! -B.

2015newyearPromo3Faces12facesJOEY0112facesNINJAface12FacesPRINCECROWAgentDeathray02roguesgallery KEN_SecretFNL Joey and Kentaro, “The NInja in the Room” is the second of my webcomics (4 pages) featuring a conversation between two of my main characters from Oberon Destroyers. My workspeed is speeding up after the last two installments, so I would say – I think I can post it in one week (January 14). Script is finished, pencils are almost finished, so just inks and scan and  “Bob’s your uncle.” In one week. The topic of conversation? Joey and Ken talk about the Ninja based on completely 3rd hand information. It’s my tribute to Social Media where many people use the freedom of speech to talk about things they really don’t know that much about. It’s also a humor piece, with many fun quips by Joey in between amazing flights of creative English by Ken. It’s also a great way to introduce more information about Japan’s Greatest Ninja without committing to any it (he’s a man of mystery, right?). Mostly its my way of exploring the characters of Joey and Kentaro. Teaser Quote – “Small Dick Disorder is not just a straight male disease, Ken. All men are in this together.” Soon!! Thanks, -B.


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