Japan’s Greatest Ninja – My Life as a Perfectionist (Sketchbook)

I have now been ripped off by two Scraper Sites, fake seattle artist Levi Hastings, and fake Portland newpaper the Willamette Week. I must be pretty good. A few more details below.


I had to copy and repaste this as a security step against a Scraper Site.
The site is this one – (careful, don’t click on anthing) THe link to this image (and my name) does not work. Of course it doesn’t.  These are criminals.


On it, I see copyright infringement, fraud,  and identity theft. Their legal section is scraper site  standard issue horseshit – “Anything we steal is legal becasue we are cheap crooks.” This is my SECOND rip off by a scraper site. I have also been ripped off by the Willamette Week and Levi Hastings, on the cover of a large newspaper.

Apparently the Theives just LOVE my work.

At this point, looking for a hosting service with better basic security is high on my list for 2015. I shall let you know.


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