(NEW) OBERON DESTROYERS WEBCOMIC: California Conversations (1) with Joey and Kentaro

ArchivesButton 01_KenJoey_page01_FNL_withtext 02_KenJoey_page02_FNL_withTXT  ArchivesButton   These are previous installments in the Epid of Kentaro, wait, who is this guy? Two page humor webcomics, posted ten months ago. Click to enlarge for eaiser reading. Oberon Destroyers Bonus Feature 01 (complete scene @ 2 pages) Oberon Destroyers Bonus Feature (02) (complete scene @ 2 pages) Oberon Destroyers Bonus Feature (03) (complete scene @ 2 pages) Oberon Destroyers / Evil Doer WebComic (01)

whew. I actually threw the latest Kentaro and Joey pages together in five days, despite health issues, from a script I wrote right after the Sacramento Comic Con last March (2014). It does feel like me in Sacramento after returning from Japan after 14 years in Tokyo.  It’s also a welcome opportunity to spend some time with Kentaro and Joey, walking the dog. I love both these guys. WIth their funny English from different sides of the ocean. This is definitely in the HUMOR column. And yes, sometimes they really do talk like that in California! WARNING — all characters are in continuity with the Oberon Destroyers 12 issues series, in particular, issue 3 (JUMP TEST) I am a very intent filled plotter, so there are some big surprises coming soon, especially concerning Kentaro, Our Man From TEPCO, which may contain spoilers, so let’s keep it between you and me, OK? “Loose lips sink ships.” Previous webcomics featuring Ken, Joey and Agent Deathray posted below. Deathray – Red Herring or the enemy who walks among us? Click to enlarge, after the  advertisement.

All material here is copyright © Brian McNally December 2013, all rights reserved. Any copying or use of this materials requires the permission of the author. To see what happens to people who infringe on my copyright, please see this link and remember, crime never pays.


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