I just sent my two CEASE and DESIST ORDERS to Levi Hastings and WIllamette Week. Luckily, I had a chance to learn how the law works. But this is so wrong on so many levels.


What he took were all my proportions, aka my Design, which is the worst kind of rip, and the courts recognize that. I am very attached to my design. I work many, many, many long hours to achieve what I do. I mess up sometimes, but I own it.

So own yours. Work for it. Then copyright it. But don’t copy like the dummy from Seattle. WHen you get caught it sucks. You hate yourself, which is the worst.

You can see the much larger evidence file here – about 7-8 slides, like the ones above. These are slides about the true source of the Willamette Week cover.


Step One – Do your homework. Don’t believe any blog on the law or copyright. Those are all amateur pulling out their ass with zero oversight. No repsonsiblity for what they say. Go to Wikipedia and study up there. That is the best source of “uncorrupt” information we have.

And then?

Beat up your rough draft with an axe handle, be honest, think of the readers. OK, that’s a Final Draft. Go to copyright.gov. You can register your story online very easily. Then you mail in the final draft printed or upload it as a digital file.

But you need a final draft first. The one ready to go public. comes with ISBN numer and everything. writing or art.

I  also follow what I call the Bendis Rules –
1) if you don’t take yourself seriously, nobody will
2) if you don’t pimp yourself, nobody will
3) be honest with yourself
4) if you do what everyone else does, it will be old hat in six months.
5) do what feels real to you, or, what are you trying to say? what is the message for the reader? you can copyright self indulgence but nobody will buy it. Be you. Be authentic. Fear doesn’t work in this process.

And write, every, every, every day. That’s the best rule to keep your work safe. In my case, its my best protection, and the axe handle of my lawsuit – you can copy a copy, but you can’t copy an original and beat it court.

NOTE – I’ve been trying to capture in writing what Brian Michael Bendis said (very quickly) in a Word Baloon podcast of the Bendis Tapes, with John Siuntres for six years. It just flew by so fast, grabbed me completely, and I didn’t have a pen in sight. There are many Bendis Tapes that are hours long in brown paper wrappers.

John puts out a lot of interviews, but it stayed with me. I tried for years, got it about right in 2010. I finally nailed it on OKCupid (30 minutes ago). When a handsome young gentleman asked me how to protect his first novel, it just fell into place, six years later. He had a nice smile.

To learn more about creative industries and the creators – you should check out John Siuntres yourself at his Word Balloon Site (in his words, better than mine).

The Weekly Pop Culture Audio Podcast Featuring In-Depth One On One Interviews and Discussions From The Entertainment Worlds Of Genre Fiction- Comic Books, Novels, Television, Film, Video Games And More. Created In 2005 By Chicago Radio/TV Host John Siuntres”

So you should check it out!! John talks to a lot of the top creators at Marvel, DC,  Image, Darkhouse, and many others. I learned a ton as a visiting student from iFanboyU. I can’t believe I know how to spell his name from memory. He has a very, hrrrmmmr… own voice, but more Larry King, or Terry Gross style. Bendis Tapes. Where is that quote?


This is the state of things at WILLAMETTE WEEK (STILL IN VIOLATION)
I am setting this here to keep an independent recored. You have to protect yourself or nobody else will. Have to step up to the plate.
Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 6.06.43 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 6.06.46 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 6.07.17 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 6.07.28 PM



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