Worthy of Note, Worthy of Ridicule (Two Hammer Films)

UPDATE August 11:
This Review STOLEN by SCRAPER SITE, WWW.TINSELTOWNEWS.COM, probably fishing for my pretty good TAGS (which come from content). Feels like big money URL squatters, Copied 100% Text, Pictures, even WordPress FORMATTING (LOL), but no author name or blog name listed. They just came to steal the content. In their Copyright section, they knowingly misrepresent the law. They are getting a reputation around wordpress, so please be careful. If you do not approve such behavior, please feel free to leave a comment at their site. They have to moderate every comment. My intellectually property is all I got.
Wow. Live is so different outside the fragile and brittle walls of Facebook…. review is being posted in its entirety in the next post so I can delete it and leave the UPDATE ABOVE to go through their scraper bot and appear on their page. I love a good prank.am





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