Oberon Destroyers UPDATE

Just putting out the welcome mat for the FTA. Hi!!!!

Oberon Destroyers – Three Team Members. Two of these guys.

I am looking forward to getting back to Oberon Destroyers. I want to write The Mask of Doctor Satan and draw TAKE DOWN (next issue of oberon destroyers) at the same time. TAKE DOWN is already written, but I decided to do an almost all silent issue. All action, all silent. Enemy base is doing fine, then something attacks like a Horror Movie – Japan’s Greatest Ninja. About 30 pages – long, silent action sequences, that tell a story. Take a look at my Miss Fury Liberated 1938 work and you can see the progression towards silent action. My prose style reads like a police report too. With a few gaudy touches. My latest, a five minute script called DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME, is a police report from a very horrible crime by a sinister group of people, with a surprise ending.

TAKE DOWN – I want to start drawing that one next week, and Dr. Satan is a little behind!! EEEK! Back to work!

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