“Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed!!”

1970, Hammer Films, considered best of Peter Cushing’s run as Dr. Frankenstein. This was late in Hammer Films reign as King of Horror (late fifties to early seventies). This is the Japanese poster, which I can read. That’s Freddie Jones  getting the hand drill in the head from Cushing, and the lovely Simon Ward as the assistant, Karl, blackmailed into helping Frankenstein (Karl snorts coke, not making this up).  I’ve only just realized how much of my own Mask of Doctor Satan short story owes to the corrupt and insidious influence Hammer Studios had on me as a child. Dramatic Music!! Jump over the furniture!! Hisss!!!!


With Japanese writing, so you know in this movie, the KoWaSa is KatchiKatsu!!!!! Furankonstein – Kyofu no Seitai Jikken!!!

These flicks hold up!! Fun stuff to watch, even today!  I loved Hammer’s output. I am binging on Hammer right before I dive back in. I am also working on a scary script for a radio show contest – they like it, they produce and record it in front of a live studio audience. Its for a Halloween special. Let me go get my crowbar and hand drill…. When I start doing Mask of Doctor Satan color images, they might look something like this. Hammer production colors were sooooooooooooo gorgeous! Big luminescent colors in simple, stark compostion was a trademark, like Inoshiro Honda’s godzilla movies at roughly the same time. Half the screen in blue, half in red… much like the poster.

Films I’ve consumed in the past week – Brides of Dracula (Cushing as Van Helsing, handsome David Peel as the vampire), Phantom of the Opera (Herbert Lom), The Evil of Frankenstein (Cushing as the Doctor), Satanic Rights of Dracula (Christopher Lee and Cushing as Van Helsing), Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (Cushing), Curse of the Werewolf (Oliver Reed), Witchfinder General (Vincent Price), and The Wicker Man (Lee). I still have Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde to watch, and a few others. Dracula Prince of Darkness would be a great one to watch (Lee’s second). All of these movies are solid B plus efforts and are fun to watch even today. These are good flicks!



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