Oberon Rogues Gallery (Red Succubus)

Rogues Gallery


“I curse you with the Mark of the Red Succubus. At midnight I shall appear at your window, and enter your room as a red vapor. You will be raped, castrated, and then I shall sit on your chest until you suffocate. This is the fate you deserve. So Says the Red Succubus.”

Yeah, not such a hot date. She has no comment on rumors of her romantic involvement with the Green Mist. She gets on well with those in power. “Just focus on the work,” BLAM.

There is a legend that she never shows her face, except when destroying her prey. She rips off  her mask and the sight of her horrible, demonic, supernaturally wrong face  drives men insane as she sits on their chest. Their eyeballs explode blood as they cannot scream while suffocating.

She makes a key appearence in Oberon Destroyers: Meeting of Evil Doers (issue 5) (free PDF on this site) and ACT II: Siege of Sacramento (issues 8-10), when the villains strike Oberon HQ.




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