OBERON ROGUES GALLERY (The White Hood and The Yellow Gas)


Click to enlarge. I use a color names scheme that is three parts Japanese, one part pulp era stories, and one part golden age comics. Kirby’s The Red Ghost is an old favorite. I could never top three gorillas, each with their own super power. Kirby was amazing. I hear his Hijacker will be in a Marvel Movie. They’ll probably screw up the outfit. Just do Kirby!!!

I also seem to be channeling a lot of Steve Ditko too, unintentionally. I grew up drawing Ditko and Kirby. You can see it all over Issue 5 – Meeting of Evil Doers.  These villains will be featured in upcoming issues, when there will be a lot more action. Fight! Fight! Ninja and The White Hood!!! More updates soon.

Click to Enlarge:

whitehood&yellowgas copy


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