Oberon Destroyers Rogues Gallery: THE DEVIL DOG

Rogue’s Gallery: The Devil Dog
Appearing in a few weeks in Meeting of Evil Doers (20 pages).


Satanic Deadbeat Dad of 666 Demonic Puppies Bound for Doom



  1. Ate his first owner twice: scarfed him, barfed him, and ate him again.
  2. Jumps onto the furniture without permission. Just that. It’s horrible.
  3. Makes humans beg for food (after kicking them off the furniture).
  4. Poops and Pees in inappropriate places, like the Grand Conference Room on the Black Curtain’s submarine, which is expensive to clean.
  5. Walks around like he owns the joint:
    If he marks your territory, then you are now homeless.
  6. He’s actually a very smart boy, aren’t ya boy? (snarl, bite bite bite, scarf, barf…).
  7. Chief Oracle of Satan’s Sleeping Sphere at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Satan’s Yellow Paw, Satan’s Agent, spoils Devil Dog. They are tight, share minions, eat humans, and sometimes go on a walk together.
  8. Oh What a Evil Boy!!!!

Rough pencils from the next issue of Oberon Destroyers: Meeting of Evil Doers, A Comedy of Douchebags (20 pages).

Devil Dog attends the meeting and sits on the furniture. We find out about the grand plan to displace humans. I have completed 12 pages of rough pencils, just 8 more to go, then inks, colors, word balloons and upload. The first draft of the script was written a year ago, but I recently gave it a major overhaul to give it an extra layer of humor and horror. Soon! Just a couple of weeks…



Look into the Eyes of Devil Dog: Just Like Sweetheart Candy



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